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12-31 2012

Features of Vegetable Dryer

The air, temperature, humidity and drying time can be easily controlled, so as to setting the right temperature and humidity according to different materials

12-28 2012

What Is Drum Dryer?

A drum dryer is a rotating cylinder that uses steam or hot air to heat feedstock and reduce the moisture content during a manufacturing process.

12-28 2012

Maintenance of Drum Dryer

The bearing bears entire weight of the machine, has a direct impact on the service life of the dryer, so it needs good lubrication to support operation.

12-29 2012

Rice Dryer Reduces the Problem of rice-cracked

Lantian analyzed the basic character of the rice drying and the present situation of the rice-cracked disciplinarian.

12-29 2012

Workshop Stove Brings You A Warm Winter

Factory workshop stove is newest type machine with natural ventilation technology. Lantian workshop stove will brings you a warm winter.

12-29 2012

Biomass Hot Blast Stove Plays Positive Role in Global Environment

Biomass Hot Blast Stove use biomass as a fuel to reduce air pollution. Xinxin hot blast stove is specially for drying system.