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Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

Product description:We are sand rotary dryer supplier, we have produced sand dryer, and our sand rotary dryer have high quality and stable performance, which is loved in many countries.

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Detailed introduction

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

Machines description

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

Sand have important application in chemical industry, before using, they need drying out excess water by Lantian Brand sand rotary dryer machine, our sand rotary dryer for sale to overseas is received widely praise because our machines are carefully designed, quality can be guaranteed.

Working principle

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

This sand rotary dryer belongs to the three drum rotary dryer. When sand rotary dryer machine is working, sand enters the inner layer from the feeding device to realize downstream drying. sand are continuously copied and scattered under the inner sheet to realize heat exchange in a spiral way, and sand moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer for counter current drying. Material is continuously lifted in the middle layer, which not only fully absorbs the heat from the inner drum, but also absorbs the heat from the middle drum. When the drying time is prolonged, the material achieves the best drying state.


Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

Machines features or details

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

1.Automatic temperature monitoring system makes the operation more convenient.
2.Use frequency conversion speed regulation, adjust the cylinder speed, according to the water content and output requirements, adopt appropriate speed to ensure that meet the needs of the next process.
3.Horizontal arrangement of the sand rotary dryer and support of supporting wheel make the installation of the equipment more convenient, and also have simple operation and just price.

Customers site

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

Our machines are carefully designed by staff, our sand rotary dryer for sale to foreign countries was received widely praise because of its high quality and stable performance, many customers gave us feedback after purchased our machine.

Our service

Sand Rotary Dryer Machine

We have been committed to produce environmental protection and energy-saving machines, our factory also produces a variety of drying equipment, and machines have patent certification, ISO and CE certification, if you need sand rotary dryer machine, please send us inquiry, we are glad to provide you more detailed information.   

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