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Sawdust Crushing Machine

Sawdust Crushing Machine

Product description:We have produced sawdust crusher, our sawdust crusher for sale to overseas is received widely praise because sawdust crushing machine have just price and excellent performance.

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Detailed introduction

Sawdust Crushing Machine

Machines description

Sawdust Crushing Machine

A series of briquette equipment produced and developed by our Lantian Technology Team can recycle use limited biomass resources through reprocessing. Our designer have produced mechanical charcoal production line, biomass materials like wood, it can crush by our sawdust crushing machine, and easy to follow-up processing and the formation of biomass raw materials. Our sawdust crusher also can crush kinds of biomass materials with high efficiency, and it is loved in many countries.

Working principle

Sawdust Crushing Machine

Our sawdust crushing machine mainly consists of upper body, lining board, crushing tool, lower body, rotor, fan, discharge pipe, chassis and bag dust removal. When sawdust crusher is working, materials will be transferred to machine, and materials cut by blade and high-speed airflow impact, in cutting, the rotor generates high-speed air flow, which rotates with the direction of blade cutting, accelerates the material in the air flow, and repeatedly impacts the material to be double comminuted at the same time, accelerates the material comminution efficiency, at the same time, the blowing system plays the role of cooling the machine, ensuring the safety and health of the machine, sawdust crusher for sale to overseas is received widely praise because price is reasonable and quality is high.


Sawdust Crushing Machine

Machines features

Machines features

1.Dust catcher can avoid air pollution with high efficiency
2.Applicable to all kinds of bamboo, branches, waste wood, can be limited recycling resources
3.The sawdust crushing machine have compact structure and small floor area, and is suitable for mobile operation.
4. The unique steel materials increasing the wear resistance, and also has good internal quality and low power consumption.

Customers site

Machines features

All parts and fuselage are used high quality metal materials, machines are easy to use and maintain, many foreign customers purchased our machine and gave us feedback.

Our company 

Sawdust Crushing Machine supplier

Our Lantian Technology Team has been working hard to learn new knowledge to develop more environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. Our sawdust crusher is easy to operate and has excellent performance. If you need it, Lantian is a good choice for you. 

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