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Tree Stump Shredder

Tree Stump Shredder

Product description:We have produced tree stump shredder, our tree stump shredder for sale to overseas are received widely praise in many countries because tree stump shredder machine have high quality and stable perform…

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Detailed introduction

Tree Stump Shredder

Machines description

Tree Stump Shredder

In the biomass processing industry, there are many high-quality raw materials with large volume, such as tree stump, tree trunks. In order to make them better processed and make better use of limited resources, we have produced many machines, one of tree stump shredder, this is a kind of strong tearing machine, which can crush many irregular and large materials with high efficiency, our tree stump shredder for sale to overseas received widely praise because this machine is low speed, low noise, low energy consumption, large output, if you need, Lantian can meet your needs.

Working principle

Tree Stump Shredder

When tree stump shredder machine is working, the tree stump will be transferred to the feeding port, then materials cut by the blade. Blades used high quality metal as materials, to make sure it have simple operation and easy to maintain, the thickness of the blades and the number of claws can be customized according to customers need. Our tree stump shredder for sale to foreign countries achieved unanimous praise because it have large capacity, welcome come and purchase.

Machines features or details

Tree Stump Shredder

1.Our tree stump shredder is suitable for many irregular and large materials.
2.Machine is low speed, low noise, low energy consumption, large output.
3.Our tree stump shredder machine is easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.
4.Highly optimized geometric design and dynamic matching to ensure high output.

Finished products display

Tree Stump Shredder

Our company

Tree Stump Shredder Supplier

We are professional mechanical equipment manufacturer, we are committed to producing environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, such as shisha charcoal briquette machine, charcoal briquette machine, crusher, shredder. Our tree stump shredder for sale to overseas is achieved unanimous praise, because tree stump shredder have excellent performance, and also have ISO and CE certification, if you need tree stump shredder machine, please send us inquiry, we will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible. 

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