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Rice Dryer Reduces the Problem of rice-cracked 

Lantian analyzed the basic character of the rice drying and the present situation of the rice-cracked disciplinarian. Rice Dryer Reduces the problem of  rice-cracked.

Mixed-flow hot wind cycling heating, the main working part is ventilation meshes which set up in the dryer according to the procedure of hot air flow. The grain are elevated to the silo by the elevator, then up to distributaries aisle from the top of the silo, hot air transverse flow cross the grain from one side, the grain are heated and then make the moisture gasify to the air. In order to make the grain heated homogeneous, the dryer didn't set up the grain inversion device, if need to continue to dry the grain, you can arbitrary to make it continuous circulate drying.
Rice dryer is mainly for the rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, soybeans, mung beans, crops and the seed. It can save time and improve the efficiency, the dryer uses the extracorporeal circulation craft, and so it can keep the grain quality and avoid the crackle ratio of grain.


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