The  brief introduction of mineral powder press machine:
        Mineral powder press machine is a briquette machinery compressed different powder materials, such as coal powder, charcoal powder, iron powder, carbon black powder, coke powder,and other powders into briquettes. The finished briquettes of mineral powder press machine can be pillow shape, round shape, ball shape, oval shape, and other shapes. Also the molds of mineral powder press machine can be customized according to your special requirement. When making briquettes, the raw materials can be not too wet, or too dry, about 15-20% moisture according to different materials. If too dry, you can add some water and binder. After years of industrial use and improvement, our Strong mineral powder press machine has these obvious advantages: high rate of ball making, low power consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance compared with other similar products.

         Main features of the mineral powder press machine:
         1. Mineral powder ball press machine has a high efficient
         2. Apply for many kinds of powder like charcoal, coal, mineral, metal. etc.
         3. Mineral powder press machine can make round type or pillow type or oblong type charcoal ball.
         4. The products have high density, high strength, high hardness
         5. The final product is smokeless, non-toxic, non peculiar and environment protective.
         6. The molding material of mineral powder press machine is energy-saving, easy to transport and higher utilization of waste with good economic and social benefits.

         Gongyi Lantian machinery factory specializing in the production of mineral powder press machine, has more than 20 years of production experience, the production of high quality products, preferential prices, long service life, provide the perfect pre-sale and customer service service for you, to win the praise of customers at home and abroad, is worthy of your new manufacturer, welcome you to buy!

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