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Maintenance of Drum Dryer

1. The bearing bears entire weight of the machine, has a direct impact on the service life of the dryer, so it needs good lubrication to support operation. Thus, users shall use clean lube oil and keep the bearing well sealed.
Parts that need lube oil, (1) rotation bearing, (2) roller bearings, (3) gear, (4) free bearing, sliding plane.
2. The newly installed wheel tire may get loose, and users must check it frequently.
3. Make sure each part of the machine works properly.
4. Check the easy wear parts, and replace the worn parts.
5. Adopts activities chassis plane to avoid stuck in case material can not be crushed.
6. Stop operation and check the the bearing in case of bearing oil temperature rising.
7. If there is impact noise happens in the gear, please stop the operation and check it.

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