1. The hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine adopts the PLC programmable controller, which has the characteristics of fast forming speed, large output, automatic control and man-machine interface. 
          2. The hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine system adopts the imported hydraulic components, and the pressure is adjustable.
          3.The hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine adopts the "program control" drive positioning, the transmission is stable and the positioning is accurate.
          4. Hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine is mainly used for building cast-in-place, roads, railways, bridges and buildings, reinforced concrete protection blocks, beam support, reinforcement spacing, standard block support and so on.

 Hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine

          5. Concrete fire protection layer has a certain heat insulation effect, when encountered fire bar, can be more easy to soften, in order to protect themselves.

          6. The widely used raw materials of hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine, such as :cement, stone, coal gangue, sand, fly ash, steel slag, coal cinder and various industrial wastes and buildings are widely used in hydraulic cement press.

          7. Pressure molding, no noise, production is lower than other models, high degree of compaction. No steel maintenance, short maintenance cycle, less people, no demand for the ground work, many products.

          Gongyi Lantian machinery factory specializing in the production of energy-saving hydraulic reinforcing steel making machine,and meeting national environmental requirements, the production of high quality products, preferential prices, our engineers can design the machine according to your requirements, we not only can provide the best machine for you, but it can give you a technical support. There is a perfect service before and after sale. It is a trustworthy manufacturer for you!

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