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Features of Vegetable Dryer 

1. The hot air circulates inside the closed dryer to keep high thermal efficiency and low energy conservation.
2. Forced circulation, small temperature difference inside the dryer body.
3.  Adjustable air divider plate to ensure even drying.
4. The air, temperature, humidity and drying time can be easily controlled, so as to setting the right temperature and humidity according to different materials.( automatic heating, automatic wicking moisture system, automatic air circulating systems).
5. Rapid drying.
6.Adopt low temperature(35-65 centigrade) drying method to ensure that the natural color, nutrition of the fungus maintaining unchanged. With good rehydration, users get the intact mushroom with sound quality.
7. Low noise, smooth operating, low operating costs.
8. Adopt  stainless steel material liner, heating device and circulation  device which is corrosion-resistant and temperature/moisture-proof.
9. Over-temperature automatic power-off function.
Our vegetable dryer can dehydrate vegetables like pepper, chili, fungus, mushrooms, walnuts, persimmons, herbs, walnuts and so on. You won't fail to choose the right prodcut in Xinxin. Contact us for more information.

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