coal dust briquette machine india



Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of various molding equipment. Coal dust briquette machine india can compress many materials, such as aluminum scrap, magnesium scrap, mineral powder, bauxite, fertilizer, activated carbon, alumina, limestone, etc. Many customers may encounter difficult problems such as mold release, blocking material crash, etc. after a period of use. As a manufacturer of Coal briquette machine, how can we reduce the failure rate of the equipment? The following points are our company's experience based on years of production summary.

Coal dust briquette machine india


The One, Coal dust briquette machine india  design of the axial press roll should be reasonable, so that our pressure ball machine equipment can avoid blocking materials and other conditions, making the coal machinery can be better press molding.

Second, there are many high hardness impurities such as stones and metal blocks in the pressed material. Coal briquette machine is a high pressure type equipment. If it contains massive impurities with high hardness and large particles in the material, it will cause serious wear to the roller skin, and it will directly lead to equipment damage.

Coal dust briquette machine india


Third, pulverized coal molding machine high-strength overload operation. Any device has an indicator of workload. Take transport cars for example, with their own load. In the same way that Coal dust briquette machine india  is in high-strength, high-load, non-stop operation for a long time, the frequency of failure of this equipment will greatly increase.

Fourth, hiring professionals to operate the equipment, some employees' improper operation will also bring problems and troubles to the production of the equipment. Some companies do not have professional maintenance personnel when using the ball press. When problems are encountered, non-maintenance personnel are required to disassemble and disassemble the machine, especially the dismantling and assembly of some important parts.

Coal dust briquette machine india

Fifth ,The key components such as reducers and bearings in the Coal briquette machine produced by us are running under wear. The main reason is to pay no attention to the maintenance and lubrication of this part of the ball press. This will result in increased wear of the components and reduced equipment efficiency.

Therefore, the user must pay attention to the above details after purchasing our equipment, in order to ensure the smooth use of  Coal dust briquette machine india  and long life.

 Coal dust briquette machine india

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