Lantian mechanical plant 

Gongyi Lantian mechanical plant is a production type ore drying equipment, coal, charcoal, etc. Series of mining machinery equipment is given priority to, integrating scientific research, production, sales and export trade for the integrated enterprise. Since the company was founded in the eighty s, has introduced the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries of advanced technology and craft, established the international advanced production line and first-class modern detection base, and established the model of coal equipment laboratory, charcoal equipment laboratory.

Enterprises with advanced modern management system, independent innovation, collected a batch of scientific and technological elite, the company internal computer management for implementation of computer information technology, production technology, product development technological design using CAD, CAPP technology, has a strong machinery manufacturing and processing, heat treatment equipment, such as in their own development and at the same time, long-term cooperation with research institutes at home and abroad, introduced the domestic and foreign advanced technology, craft and testing base, for the development of new products and new technology promotion.05 years enterprises have been approved for China import and export autonomy, the ISO international quality authentication enterprise, the European Union CE authentication enterprise, 06-08 was named the integrity of private enterprises in Zhengzhou city, Zhengzhou city patent demonstration enterprises

Our company with the latest technology, reliable quality, preferential prices, all to the user as the center, promote customer satisfaction engineering, with new and old customers sincere cooperation, in the new century glory.


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