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Powder Tablets Press Machine

Powder Tablets Press Machine

The general description of Powder tablets press machine

Lantian machinery self-developed LYJ series Powder tablets press machine is suitable for all kinds of dry and wet powder and granular materials, such as, hookah charcoal, charcoal powder, coal, coking coal, carbon, eggs, greenhouses, smoke agent, solid wax, solid alcohol, urea, chemical fertilizer, feed, liquid powder, ammonium chloride, starch and dry all kinds of metal ores in forming technology. When changing the mold material can be compressed into sheets (80 mm) Ф 15 - Ф round, square, rectangle, triangle, a cylinder, the diamond, the cone, the geometry of the convex, concave, and various other products, also can be compressed with a word, trademark, logo, double, double color piece, and various special-shaped. Stamping thirty times per minute, each can be a 43, stamping about eighty thousand pieces per hour. This Powder cube press machine, compactness can adjust, stamping stability, high yield, excellent performance.
Powder Tablets Press Machine  Powder Tablets Press Machine


Powder tablets press machine
1.Shape and size can be customized
2.Mechanical hydraulic pressing
3.Energy saving and low noise
4.Factory direct sale

Main characteristic of the Powder tablets press machine

1. The powder cube press machine is automatic and high efficient.
2. The Powder tablets machine is especially suitable for the suppression of large diameter and big filling quantity of tablets.
3. Raw materials: can be coal, charcoal powder, dust, biomass powder like wood sawdust, rice husks and other materials in powder form.
4. It is easy to change the shaping molds to meet the different needs of final products.
5. The density of briquettes can be adjusted, and the pressure can be easily controlled.
6. Our engineers can design the Powder pressing machine by your requirements hole production line related to Powder tablets press machine

The molds
Powder Tablets Machine

The final products of Powder tablets press machine
Powder Cube Press Machine

Technical references of Powder tablets press machine

Model(unit) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Tablet diameter(mm) Briquette diameter(mm) Max feeding size(mm) Press type Weight(kg)
JYP-9 7.5 198pcs/min,9pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Mechanical press 1350
JYP-12 7.5 240pcs/min,12pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Mechanical press 1650
TYP-48 15 288pcs/min,28pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Hydraulic press 1800

The whole production line related to Powder tablets press machine

Powder Pressing Machine production line

Our customers from all over the world
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Packaging & Shipping of Powder tablets press machine
Powder Tablets Machine packaging and shipping

The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Our Services

1. Provide the free consultation of the equipment
2. Provide the standard device and the flow chart
3. According to the clients’ special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design helping to select the equipment.
4. Welcome to visit our factory

Company view

Gongyi city Lantian machinery factory is located in Gongyi city in Henan province Zhengzhou hilo-systems road Middle East technology industrial park, fixed capital of 58 million yuan, covers an area of about 39, 600 square meters, and another 20, 000 square meters of machinery and equipment production base is under construction." Lantian" brand products took the lead through the national ISO9001 international certification, European CE certification. Powder tablets machine and Powder pressing machine is our latest research and development of products. Welcome to visit our factory!
Powder Tablets Press Machine of Lantian mechanical plant


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