Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine

Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine

The general description of Hydraulic tablet press machine

Hydraulic tablet press machine is our latest patented product, because it has large pressure, and the pressure can be adjusted according to different raw materials, so it has best molding effect, even sawdust (not easy molding) it can press into good shapes. The Hydraulic press machine is best selling machinery for shisha charcoal, hookah charcoal, also it can press coal, carbon, carbon black, salt, sodium carbonate, dry powder, fertilizer, etc. Changed molds, Hydraulic briquetting press machine can press different shapes, such as round, square, long strip, cube, rectangle, triangle, polygon geometry and hollow shape.  Hydraulic tablets machine can also be used to produce the hookah charcoal, silver charcoal, BBQ charcoal, straw charcoal. Realized one machine with multiple functions, meet the different needs of customers.
Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine  Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine


Hydraulic tablet press machine
1. High efficiency
2. No smoke, healthy
3. Good Appearance
4. Long burning time

Main characteristic of the Hydraulic tablet press machine

1. The Hydraulic briquetting press machine is automatic and high efficient.
2. The Hydraulic press machine is large capacity and low consumption.
3. Final charcoal tablets: easy for combustion, no small and last longer when burning.
4. Output: high density, the size and the appearance is adjustable.
5. Special designed assistant equipment.  Hydraulic tablets machine has fully automatic feeding, sending system.
6. Special Installation structure makes the change and repair of parts convenient.

The molds

 Hydraulic Press Machine

The final products of Hydraulic tablet press machine
Hydraulic Briquetting Press Machine

Technical references of Hydraulic tablet press machine

Model(unit) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Tablet diameter(mm) Briquette diameter(mm) Max feeding size(mm) Press type Weight(kg)
JYP-9 7.5 198pcs/min,9pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Mechanical press 1350
JYP-12 7.5 240pcs/min,12pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Mechanical press 1650
TYP-48 15 288pcs/min,28pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Hydraulic press 1800

The whole production line related to Hydraulic tablet press machine

Hydraulic Tablets Machine production line

Our customers from all over the world
The customers visit Lantian mechanical plant

Packaging & Shipping of Hydraulic tablet press machine
Hydraulic Press Machine packaging and shipping

The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plantThe CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Our Services

1. Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.
2. Oversea install and debug the equipment.
3. Train the first-line operator.

Company view

The blue sky is a production of drying equipment, mineral processing equipment such as large and medium-sized series of mining machinery equipment is given priority to, integrating scientific research, production, sales, import and export trade as one of the enterprises. Since its established in the 1980s, adhering to the modern enterprise scientific management manufacturing, continuous innovation. Achieved good social benefits and economic benefits, the product has for years been sold well all over the country and exported to more than 20 countries and regions, well received by users.
Hydraulic Tablet Press Machine of Lantian mechanical plant


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