Charcoal Tablet Press Machine

Charcoal Tablet Press Machine

The general description of Charcoal tablet press machine

Our Charcoal tablet press machine is a special machine that putting the small particles or powder materials into the molds and pressing them into the briquettes. Charcoal press machine can press a variety of powder materials into a circle, square and other special-shaped tablet. According to the different requirements of our customers our technicians will design the most advanced production line automatically for them which including crushing, mixing, binder making machine, conveyors, feeding machine, dryer, packing machine, etc. Charcoal powder briquetting machine has a small size and neat appearance, featured by security alarm system, vacuuming, low noise, etc. Its rotation is adjusted by continuously variable transmission.
Charcoal Tablet Press Machine  Charcoal Tablet Press Machine


Charcoal tablet press machine
1. High efficiency
2. CE,ISO certificate
3. Good Appearance
4. Low noise.

Main characteristic of the Charcoal tablet press machine

1.Charcoal press machine is applied to suppress tablets with large volume.
2.Special design is suitable for light powder materials.
3.Automatic feed and discharging.
4.Humanization design with easy clearance and maintenance.
5.The mold can be easily changed and maintained.
6.Professional design making the charcoal tablets high density, perfect appearance, no smoke, and burning longer.

The molds
Charcoal Press Machine

The final products of Charcoal tablet press machine
Charcoal Powder Briquetting Machine

Technical references of Charcoal tablet press machine

Model(unit) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Tablet diameter(mm) Briquette diameter(mm) Max feeding size(mm) Press type Weight(kg)
JYP-9 7.5 198pcs/min,9pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Mechanical press 1350
JYP-12 7.5 240pcs/min,12pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Mechanical press 1650
TYP-48 15 288pcs/min,28pcs/time 15-50 Less than 50 3 Hydraulic press 1800

The whole production line related to Charcoal tablet press machine
Charcoal Dust Tablet Press Machine production line

Our customers from all over the world
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Packaging & Shipping of Charcoal dust tablet press machine 
Charcoal Press Machine packaging and shipping

The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Our Services

1.We’d like to take each sample inspection from clients to support the equipment acceptance check.
2.Engineers and technicians will help to decide and implement the construction program.
3.We will offer the most appropriate transportation program as the reference for clients based on the equipment manufacturing period and construction period.

Company view

Lantian machinery is a famous manufacturer of making briquette machines, ball press machines and tablets press machines in China, is a research, manufacturing and trade integrated modern enterprise. Our company has a professional team, and has in-depth study in the application of all kinds of projects, Charcoal dust tablet press machine, etc. Our brand, Lantian has been the well-known brand after outstanding development. Our company has diversified equipment. such as Charcoal powder briquetting machine,Charcoal dust tablet press machine , coal powder ball press machine, charcoal briquette machine and so on.

Charcoal Tablet Press Machine of Lantian mechanical plant

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