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Wood Crushing Machine

Wood Crushing Machine

Brief introduction of Wood crushing machine

Wood crushing machine, also known as wood chipper, is specialized equipment for wood logs processing industry. As there is a large demand on wood sawdust for making wood pellets, biomass briquette and charcoal, Wood sawdust crusher machine is becoming a hot potato either in private wood chip business or in fiber board plants. Wood crusher machine can be processed, pine, miscellaneous wood, wood, bamboo, because the Chinese fir, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, cutting piece of good quality, low power consumption, and suitable for the flow of operation, widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises and the production of fiberboard flake board preparation section, also can used for the production of wood for commodities self-employed
Wood Crushing Machine   Wood Crushing Machine

Technical parameters of Wood crushing machine

Model Power(kw) Output(t/h) Size(mm) Weight Overall dimensions(mm)
215 45 3-4 10 2990 1470* 1550* 970
216 55 5-8 10 4070 1800* 1900* 1210
218 110 6-10 10 7000 2200 *2150* 1500
200 220 12-18 10 11840 2200 *2150* 1500

Main features of the Wood crushing machine

1. This type of Wood crusher machine made by us is energy saving type and easy to operate.
2. Wood sawdust crusher machine is designed and developed according to industrial requirements.
3. It belongs to wood crushing and pulverizing machine.
4. It is finely processed, high efficiency and environmental protection type. It is optional for electricity
5. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this machine adopts self-suction design to avoid serious damage to operators.
6. Factory direct sale. All spare parts of Wood crusher machine are made by ourselves, so we can provide you the most detailed parts and suggestions.

The finished products of Wood crushing machine

Wood Sawdust Crusher Machine

Packaging and shipping of the Wood crushing machine

Wood Crusher Machine

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Our certifications

The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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1. Pre-sale services:
Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
2. During the sale services:
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About us

Our company's main: straw briquette machine, granule machine, Wood crushing machine, dryer biomass density forming technology and equipment, and can according to the different needs of customers design and manufacture of various non-standard production line and mechanical processing. The company has been committed to the biomass density molding equipment design, manufacturing and promotion. And our company technical force is abundant, the equipment can meet the requirements of a variety of fine processing
Wood Crushing Machine of Lantian machinery


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