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Sawdust Crusher

Sawdust Crusher

Brief introduction of Sawdust crusher

This Sawdust crusher is a advanced machinery for sawdust which is used to produce edible fungus, or sawdust board raw material, man-made charcoal raw material, paper-making material. The wood, tree branch, stalk, other material are milled into sawdust for just one time. Feed the materials inlet, first through blade, cut into grind room, mill under the impaction of high speed revolved hammer and reaction of blade cutting, though sieves wind power produced by inner wind leaves sent to outlet or outlay fan send to outlet. The particle size of the chipped wood grain is small, and it can be crushed directly without drying. The Wood Sawdust Crusher only use a motor driving, and it has simple structure and compact decoration, cheap cost, stable quality, less energy consumption, and high efficiency.
Sawdust Crusher   Sawdust Crusher

Technical parameters of Sawdust crusher

Model Power Output(t/h) Fineness (mesh) Covers an area of squared (m) Overall dimensions (mm)
400 18.5 450-450 4-20 5 1850 *1200* 920
600 30/37 1000-1000 4-20 7 2600 *1600 *1250
800 45 2500-2500 4-20 9 2900* 2100 *1500
1000 55 3500-3500 4-20 11 3200* 2500* 1750


Main features of the Sawdust crusher

1. Installed with a new kind material, it has the function of sound insulation and heat dissipation. Thus the Sawdust crushing machine has little noise and no vibration in use.
2. Strong advanced technology where to buy Sawdust crushing machine is a machine which our factory latest researched and developed.
3. With a small investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency, good economic returns, ease of use and maintenance.
4. Wood sawdust crusher is a new-style and widely used grinding machine. Its widely used in all kinds of crop stalk, straw, clover, peanuts shells, cotton seed fur, etc.
5. With double discharge to connect material and convenience to use, the spare part of the machine completely use quality steel material, and outsourcing parts using domestic optimal product.
6. Reasonable design of leveling plate making the finished material finer and cubic-shaped without internal cracks.

The finished products of Sawdust crusher

Wood Sawdust Crusher

Packaging and shipping of the Sawdust crusher

Sawdust Crushing Machine

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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Gongyi Lantian Machinery Plant is established in 1980s, which is the biggest manufacturing base of charcoal making machinery.  And we have developed to be a new type scientific enterprise combining scientific research and produce through more than 30 years development. our produces hold the features of reasonable design, high performance and low cost, environmental friendly and conservation of energy, low investment and high return. and as a result ,have been sold all over China and many oversea countries.
Sawdust Crusher of Lantian machinery

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