Rice Husk Briquette Making Machine

Rice Husk Briquette Machine

Description of Rice husk briquette making machine

Rice husk briquette making machineis a newly developed by crushing, pressing, increase of molding and a full set of mechanized production equipment, such as rice husk biomass raw materials, after crushing compression molding products can replace coal to burning, low price, good performance, high capacity, simple operation, easy to use, is based on the rural, biomass resources for the advantage of environmental protection and energy saving products Rice husk briquette press machine adopts new compression mode, change the vertical ring structure for horizontal ring mode production, using its own principle of rotating centrifugal force to make raw material evenly to all molding, avoided due to local material concentration phenomenon of boring machine, greatly reduce the energy consumption of the unit. Rice husk briquette press machine according to the characteristics of high lignin, molding difficult raw materials, especially innovation design is carried on multichannel seal design to eliminate dust into the bearing lubrication parts. Unique mould design and extrusion between rolling wheel, friction, shear force interaction principle, under the premise of the forming rate at 100% discharge smoothly, and the production efficiency is higher
Rice Husk Briquette Machine  Rice Husk Briquette Machine

Main parameter of Rice husk briquette making machine

Model LJG The raw material length 2-50mm
The motor power 22KW The raw material moisture content 5-30%
Heating power 2KW Shape of the finished product Phi is 33 mm
Production capacity 1500-2000 kg/h Density of the finished product 0.9-1.4g/cm3
Form a complete set of equipment Crusher, conveyor, power distribution cabinet The finished calorific value 3500-5500 calories

Characteristics of Rice husk briquette making machine

1. NO binder needed during production to make clean & green fuel briquette.
2. Quantity of heat of final product is 500-1000Kcal higher than raw material
3. The raw material can be widely choose .such as   cornstalk, wheat straw, cotton stem , straw ,rice husk ,peanut shell, corncob , branch , leaves , sawdust and etc  
4. High productivity, low power consumption, reasonable price 
5. The finished product can replace the firewood, raw coal, and the liquid gas. Rice Husk Briquette Machine is widely used in our life like heating furnace, water boiler, industrial boiler, biomass power plant 
6. The automatic heating device for adjust the temperature and solve the problems such as congestion, poor shape in the molding.

Shape and size of final product
Rice Husk Briquette Press Machine

The whole production line of Rice husk briquette making machine

Rice Husk Briquette Making Machine

The case
Rice Husk Briquette Making Machine

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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1. Free appoint special after-sale service staff, arrived at the scene to guide customers installation and debugging.
2. Equipment installation and debugging.
3. On-site training operators.
4. The company sent engineering and technical personnel free field for the user to the user's site planning, optimal design process and scheme.

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Gongyi Lantian is specializing in manufacturing large and medium sized series of machines for coal briquette production line,Rice Husk Briquette Machine production line. You can get the complete solutions in biomass pellet line and feed pellet line. We devote to improving pellet efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Product quality is treated as the core of sales target. we sincerely welcome every distinguished friend at home and abroad to visit our company and have long-term business cooperation.
Rice Husk Briquette Machine of Lantian machinery


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