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Furfural Slag Briquette Machine

Furfural Slag Briquette Machine

Description of Furfural slag briquette machine

Furfural slag briquette machine is the furfural slag raw material crushing compression made into high efficiency, environmental protection of furfural residue fuel or furfural residue feed equipment. Furfural slag briquette making machine products of furfural slag is used for briquetting feed or furfural residue fuel. Through practice and continuous improvement, Furfural slag briquette pressing machine has been gradually perfected. Furfural slag briquette pressing machine has high degree of automation, high output, low price, power consumption, simple operation, less environmental pollution, etc. Thus Furfural slag briquette making machine can be widely used to suppress various kinds of crops straw, furfural residue and furfural residue biomass raw materials such as small branches. Furfural residue biomass fuel compared with mineral fuels to the environment pollution is small, easy to take, and cheap, abundant resources Furfural residue briquetting of coal, oil and other minerals are scarce in today's case, the wide use of furfural residue combustion of biomass, to solve the problem of the rural energy will play an important role
Furfural Slag Briquette Machine  Furfural Slag Briquette Machine

Main parameter of Furfural slag briquette machine

Model LJG The raw material length 2-50mm
The motor power 22KW The raw material moisture content 5-30%
Heating power 2KW Shape of the finished product Phi is 33 mm
Production capacity 1500-2000 kg/h Density of the finished product 0.9-1.4g/cm3
Form a complete set of equipment Crusher, conveyor, power distribution cabinet The finished calorific value 3500-5500 calories

Characteristics of Furfural slag briquette machine

1. Production of Furfural slag briquette pressing machine overcomes the straw is light weight, large volume, use is easy to rain or snow when fire influence of external conditions, such as the weakness, meet the requirements of the commercialization
2. Crushed the class stem biomass to the block can be used as a new type of furfural residue biomass fuel replacing coal used to generate electricity and so on a variety of purposes
3. Also can use Furfural slag briquette pressing machine to forage, furfural slag can forage crops straw into forage production, forage grass makes the good palatability, long-term preservation is not bad, easy to store
4. Furfural residue pressure, forage grass is an important kind of relief material reserve, put it into the disaster area is not only save the cattle and sheep feed, pastoral areas for aquaculture larger breeding situations, spring, summer, forage grass, open season high quality feed. It is most needed fuel
5. This Furfural slag briquette making machine can be even pressing various biomass corn straw, straw, rice, wheat straw, wheat shell, rice husk , bagasse, furfural slag, bean straw, cotton stalk, medical slag, branches, leaves and wood chips, sawdust, hay, peanuts, beanstalk and so on
6. Easy to operate and full automatic. three persons can control whole production line

Shape and size of final product

 Furfural Slag Briquette Making Machine

The whole production line of Furfural slag briquette machine

To furfural residue class stem biomass briquette, to crush it with the ensilage machine or rubbing machine 10 to 80 mm, water content is moderate growth in furfural residue of raw materials, and then enter the furfural slag press block machine, extrusion into pieces, the pieces of sectional area is 32 x32 mm size, length, bulk density of 0.6 ~ 1.0 g/cm3, convenient transportation and save
 Furfural Slag Briquette Making Machine

The case

Furfural Slag Briquette Pressing Machine

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant
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1. If any interest on our machine, please feel free to contact me and let me know your requirement on capacity and material size.
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Since it was founded in 1980, our company is committed to be biomass briquetting equipment leading enterprises, mainly engaged in biomass briquetting equipment type, straw briquette feed equipment and coal complete sets of equipment development, production, sales. The company collected a batch of on behalf of the industry leading level of outstanding scientific research, production, management talent, has created a unity, efficient, strict team Welcome to visit our factory!
Furfural Slag Briquette Machine of Lantian machinery


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