Ensilage Machine

Ensilage Machine  Ensilage Machine

Brief introduction of Ensilage machine

Ensilage machine mainly used to corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw all kinds of crop straw and pasture. These processed materials suitable for breeding cattle and sheep deer horse etc, Hay cutter can also process cotton stalk, branches, bark, and so on, used for straw generation ethanol, papermaking and artificial board etc. Ensilage cutter machine is a mechanical device for cutting straw or hay into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to horses and cattle. This aids the animal's digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food. Grass cutting machine consists of feeding device, guillotine cutting and throwing bodies, transmission device, running gear, protective guard etc.

Main features of the Ensilage machine

1. Adopts steel frame, small volume, light weight, convenient to move.
2. Insurance device adopts design, prevent accidents, Grass cutting machine gnawing dao is safe and reliable.
3. Transmission roller adopts grass choose gimbals couplings, compact structure, convenient operation, flexible disassembling.
4. Responding to various choices, motor power diesel, tractor, can form a complete set, especially for power is more appropriate for lack of areas.
5. Adopts high-quality steel blade, refined by a special process, super wear-resistant, Using high strength bolt, the use of safe and reliable
6. Small investment, quick effect, apply to an individual or a small factory.

The finished products of Ensilage machine

 Hay Cutter

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Ensilage Cutter machine

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1. To help customer to formulate construction scheme.
2. Free appoint special after-sale service staff, arrived at the scene to guide customers installation and debugging.
3. Equipment installation and debugging.
4. On-site training operators.

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Lantian machinery is one of the first-class enterprises in China who are specialized in Hay cutter producing line, Ensilage cutter machine producing line, organic fertilizer producing line, etc. Furthermore we are able to launch new products and improve producing process with the help with our R&D department. Our products are very popular in domestic market and also sold to Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia, Africa etc. Welcome to visit our factory for further information on any of our product.
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