Wood Chips Dryer

Wood Chips Dryer

Description of Wood chips dryer

Wood chips dryer is also known as Wood sawdust dryer. It is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring and widely used in sawdust, wood chips, building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, industrial drying slag, cement limestone, coal, slag, clay. Sawdust dryer is applied to dry various kinds of wood chips or sawdust from the wood factory. Our Wood sawdust dryer has features of quick drying speed, safe operation, low energy consumption, low invest and etc. Sawdust dryer can reduce wood chips moisture from 40-55% to below 10%.Drying wood chip can be done either in a rotary drum dryer or a belt dryer. If the material is very fine, then the drying technology is better to use a rotary dryer, otherwise, the best option is low temperature belt dryer.
Wood Chips Dryer  Wood Chips Dryer

Advantages of Wood chip dryer

1. The Wood rotary dryer has the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent manufacture, high output, low energy consumption, convenient operation and so on.
2. Wood sawdust dryer is widely used in the field of building materials, metallurgies, chemical industry, cement and so on.
3. Sawdust dryer is formed by rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring.
4. Wide scope of application, can be used to dry the granular materials, favorable for those materials with the big adhesion
5. Great operating flexibility, the output of the products allows a larger fluctuation range, not influencing the quality of the products.
6. There are a lot of pipes in the roller. The hot air will not touch the sawdust or wood chips directly, and it will go into the pipe for drying the sawdust.

 Parameter for Wood chip dryer

Model Power(kw) Output(t/h) Maximum inlet temperature (℃)
600 3 Set the user 700 or less
800 4 Set the user 700 or less
1000 4 Set the user 700 or less
1200 5.5 Set the user 700 or less
1500 11 Set the user 850 or less

 The final products of Wood chip dryer
Sawdust Dryer

Packaging and shipping of Wood chip dryer
 Wood Rotary Dryer packaging and shipping

The structures of Wood chip dryer
Wood Sawdust Dryer

The case
Sawdust Dryer

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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As a professional manufacturer of biomass rotary dryer with CE & ISO certificate in China, we can take responsibility to our every client very seriously. The Wood rotary dryer use for drying many kinds of materials and finished products, such as the crop straw powders, sawdust, small wood shavings/chips, animal waste, household waste and so on. The Sawdust dryer generally applied to the farm straw processing plant, wood working factory, organic fertilizer factory and Chinese medicine factory. Welcome to visit our factory!
Wood Chips Dryer of Lantian machinery

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1.If the customers inquiry our machines, we will quote as soon as possible.
2.Our engineer will design the project according to the information our customers provide us, which is included the flow chart, the flash of project.
3.If our customer needs our guide, we will send our after-sales person to guide the installation.
4.We will provide the best price of wear parts to our customers in the lifetime of the machine.


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