Vibrating Screen

  Vibrating Screen  Vibrating Screen Sieve Machine

Description of Vibrating screen

Lantian brand Vibrating screen machine, it is a kind of multilayer, high efficiency new type of vibrating screen. Sieve machine tube eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, material screening drip line length, size, etc. Apply to the gravel stone quarries shielding materials, but also for coal preparation, ore dressing, building materials, electricity and chemical industry products classification. The full series a total of 40 kinds of specifications Available for coal preparation, ore dressing, building materials, electricity and chemical sector for material classification. Vibrating screen sieve machine structure is advanced, strong and durable, low vibration noise, easy maintenance. Operation of eccentric block to produce a lot of centrifugal force, stimulating screen box in a certain circle movement, is on a sloping surface display by passing the impulse generated by the continuous casting, material and technology to meet the surface particles than sift through manipulation, so as to realize classification.

Function of Vibrating screen

1. To remove a small amount of coarse particles contained in the processing materials.
2. High efficiency, elegant design and durable, available for any powder and viscous liquid.
3. No jam for the screen net, no powders flying around and no liquid leaking out
4. The screen nets are uniquely designed under 500 mesh
5. Stainless steal parts contacting materials.
6. Easy to operate, impurities and coarse materials can be discharged automatically.

The structures of Vibrating screen
Sieve Machine

The case

Vibrating Screen


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