Straw Pellet Machine
Straw Pellet Machine

Introduce of Straw pellet machine

Straw pellet machine is the reformed product made on the basis of the wood pellet of the company and according to the characteristics of biomass fuel granulating, and is mainly used for pressing combustible materials such as saw dust and grass into pellet. It adopts professional forced feeder, strengthened transmission parts, dedicated ring die, press roll and hoop. The Rice straw pellet machine, not only be used for pelletizing the wood and straw dust, but also other materials. Such as sawdust, wheat straw, rice straw, corn, stalk, rice husk, palm fiber, shell or groundnut shell, hard wood etc. Before pelletizing, raw materials should crush into fine powder, humidity keeps 12% to 20% is proper, 15% is the best state. The Straw pellet making machine produced is smooth, very beautiful and dense. The power consumption of Straw pellets machine is less, the structure is reasonable and it is economical durable. The final pellets’ length can be adjusted. The Straw pellet making machine is widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc. It is the ideal pressing shaping equipment with low investment and high profit.
Straw Pellet Machine  Straw Pellet Machine

Technical Parameters of Straw pellet machine

Model Power(kw) Output(t/h) Pressure regulating device Weight The processing specifications (mm)
200 11 30-80 A new type of 0.2 4-6
250 15 80-80 A new type of 0.5 4-6
300 30 100-100 A new type of 0.76 4-6
350 37 300-300 Automatic lubrication system 2.2 4.5-10
450 55 500-500 Automatic lubrication system 4.3 4.5-10

Features of Straw pellet machine

1. Patented ring die technology, mainly improve ring die’s cracking prevention and increased capacity per hour and overall capacity
2. We can provide Stainless steel Rice straw pellet machine or Carbon steel wood pellet press machine as your request
3. Advanced variable frequency motor, overload protection device, magnetic separating device
4. Straw pellets machine is small volume, saving electricity, low noise and can transmiss feeding speed
5. Our machine has the characteristic as follows: structure in reason, exterior beauty, and stable performance.
6. Die static, rollers rotate, the force is evenly when press the material, make sure the wood pellets forming and quality, have a smooth and dense appearance.
The molds and final products of Straw pellet machine
Rice Straw Pellet Machine
Straw Pellet Making Machine |

The production line of Straw pellet machine

First let Raw materials (The water content should be no greater than 15%) enter into screw feeder through hopper, second adjust the rotational speed of screw feeder axis to obtain the suitable flow of material, during this step the security magnets remove the magnetic impurity mingling away supplies, then through the enforced feeder, the materials enter into the pressing room to pelletize finally.

Straw Pellets Machine production line

The structures of Straw pellet machine
Rice Straw Pellet Machine

The packaging and shipping of Straw pellet machine

Straw Pellet Making Machine packaging and shipping

The customers visit our factory
The customers visit Lantian mechanical plant

Our service

1. Technology consultation, various models for choice, according to customers' needs design Straw pellet making machine
2. Visit to our factory, have an investigation and have a performance test.
3. Engineers available to service machinery overseas, provide install guidance
4. Warranty1 year, quality guarantee, except wear parts and wrong operation

Our certificates
The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Company information

Lantian mechanical plant is an big enterprise, which the integrated system of research, design, manufacturing and international trade. We have strong technical team, advanced production technology, perfect after-sales service. Main products: biomass fuel pellet production line, feed pellet production line, organic fertilizer and municipal solid waste processing equipment, agricultural equipment, Rice straw pellet machine etc.  Our sophisticated processing equipment, serious quality control, and best quality, well-deserved reputation, first class after-sales service.
Straw Pellet Machine of Lantian machinery


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