Particle Combustion Machine

Particle Combustion Machine

Introduce of Particle combustion machine

Lantian brand Particle combustion machine is a kind of biomass gasification and combustion automatic control machine, a kind of biomass as high temperature pyrolysis of biomass in fuel combustion machine. Biomass particle combustion machine is widely used in boilers, die-casting machine, industrial furnaces, incinerator, melting furnace, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, food drying equipment, ironing equipment, painting equipment, road building machinery and equipment, industrial annealing furnace, asphalt heating equipment such as various kinds of heat energy industry. Biomass burning, burning cost than 75% electricity saving, fuel savings of 60%, 50% less than natural gas, liquefied gas saving 40%, and zero pollution Biomass particle burner bladder, using zirconium silicon crystal, after high pressure casting and become, via high temperature furnace fire need to burn for three days in temperature above 1000 ℃, no loose pores.
Particle Combustion Machine  Biomass Particle Burner

Particle combustion machine is characterized by

1. Investment, low operating cost
2. Boiling gasification combustion Gache line with the wind swirling design makes complete combustion burner, the combustion efficiency of up to 95%.
3. Using high temperature pyrolysis combustion technology, tar directly in the form of gas combustion, such as solving the skilled problem the high biomass gasification tar content, avoid the water washing tar by secondary pollution
4. High thermal efficiency: low temperature burning section, more than 90% of burning rate.
5. Simple operation: adopt the automatic feeding, small amount of working.
6. Biomass particle burner are used as residential boilers, small electric station boilers, furnace boilers or other heating devices

Technical parameters of Particle combustion machine

Model Calorific value K (cal/h) A power value(MW) Fuel consumption(kg/h) The fan power(kw)
LT-60 600000 0.7 145 1.1
LT-100 1000000 1.1 240 2.2
LT-200 2000000 2.3 480 5.5
LT-360 3600000 4.2 860 7.5
LT-480 4800000 5.6 1150 7.5


Particle combustion machine main structure

Our factory Biomass particle combustion machine is made up of ignition system, air distribution system, combustion furnace system and automatic control system of several parts, such as in addition. Will need to be equipped with bin, feeding system and the boiler can run normally.

Biomass Particle Combustion Machine

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Lantian mechanical plant was founded in 1980s, and now it has been becoming a high-tech mining company. Our company integrates research and development, designing, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services. The brand products, cone crusher, sand making machine, high-efficient fine crusher, high-pressure medium-speed mill, Biomass particle combustion machine etc, are in the leading level of the world. Our company all the products have gained ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certificate and IQNet international certification.
Particle Combustion Machine of Lantian machinery


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