Drum Screen

Drum Screen  Rotary Screen

Description of Drum screen

Drum screen is used to separate materials by size, for example, separating different sizes of mulch or crushed stone or sawdust or separating the biodegradable fraction of mixed municipal waste. The capacity is m3 an hour. In addition, the capacity based on number of factors described in this article. The Rotary screen for cylindrical tank, mainly consists of sieve plate, stock guide, frames and other components. The sieve plate is made by 65Mn, and the mesh size is normally determined according to user requirements. Stock guide is removable. When the material is no less than 60mm, remove stock guide, when material is with size of 15mm ≤ 60mm, keep the stock guide. Transmission mainly uses the friction drive.  Rotary drum screen is a classification machine for various kinds of materials, for example: coal, river sand, ore, refractory materials, gravel, chemical, waste etc. Rotary screen has features of low noise, good sealed, high efficiency, large capacity of classfication, long service life time etc.

Features of Drum screen

1. Low noise and little dust pollution.
2. Adopt screen brush according to your practical situation
3. Installation of small angle, it is not easy to block.
4. Long service lifetime: replaceable screen
5. Rotary drum screen is suitable for classifying powdery materials with outstanding screening effect.
6. Unique screen design, result in longer screen life and less blocking of mesh screen.

 The structures of Drum screen
Rotary Drum Screen

The case
Drum Screen


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