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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator  ical Chain Bucket Elevator

Introduction of Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is suitable for low to high, supply of materials through the shaking table into hopper machine automatic continuous operation up after delivery. According to the transmission quantity adjustable speed and on-demand select hoisting height, hopper for design and manufacturing, PP non-toxic hopper type make the Vertical chain bucket elevator is more widely used, all dimensions are designed and manufactured according to actual needs, to form a complete set of vertical packaging machine, computer measuring machine design, applied to food, medicine, chemical industrial products, screws, nuts and other products of ascending feeding, through signal identification of the packaging machine to control the machine to stop automatically rev. Vertical lift bucket elevator consists of head section with driving pulley, elevator boot (down section) with take-up pulley, elevator casing, driving device and back stop, braking device. There is an inspection hole on elevator casing, to observe all operation.

Feature of Bucket elevator

1. Advanced technology and cost saving.
2. Safe and simple installation and commissioning.
3. Simple structure and maintenance, high efficiency and energy-saving.
4. Long service life. The design of this Vertical chain bucket elevator ensures that the materials is seldom scattered while feeding and discharging, which reduces the mechanical wearing.
5. Excellent running reliability. Advanced design and processing method ensure the running reliability of the complete machine.
6. A wide range of elevated, not only handle the general powder, and elevate the mill cut larger material

The case
Vertical Lift Bucket Elevator


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