Automatic Particle Packing Machine

Automatic Particle Packing Machine   Granule Packing Machine

Descriptions of Automatic Particle packing machine

Automatic Particle packing machine is used for automatic weight, filling and packing on flour or powder products, with feeding design for specific application. Computer quantitative scale is mainly applied in the automatic weighing and quantitative packing for material as flour, starch, grape sugar, bran and other powder materials. Particle weighing packaging machine solves similar products Pneumatic card open bag landing powder spills, turning bag phenomenon

Applications of Automatic Particle packing machine

Granule packing machine is widely used to pack granular materials, such as corn, rice, sugar, coffee, salt, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, puffed food, nuts, tea, herbs, peanuts, beans, rice, grains, etc.
Particle Weighing Packaging Machine

After packing

Automatic Particle Packing Machine


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