Walnut Peeling Machine

Walnut Peeling Machine

Brief introductions of Walnut peeling machine

This Walnut peeling machine is mainly used for shelling various hard shell nuts. Green walnut peeling machine consists to feeding lift, classification rollers foe 1.2 and 3 class’s classification with a vibration sieve and a discharging funnel for each class. The Green walnut peeler can shell apricot nuts, walnuts, haze nuts, and other kinds of nuts of three sized. The machine is reasonably designed and its ratio of broken kernels is low. Green walnut peeler is the most ideal nut processing machine available now. Smaller nut shelling machines can be designed based on actual requirements.

 Green Walnut Peeling Machine   Green Walnut Peeler

Features of Walnut peeling machine

1. Walnut shelling unit consists of Walnut Cracking Machine and Walnut kernel & shells separator.
2. Green walnut peeling machine is particularly useful for cracking walnuts.This machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate nuts such as English walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecans.
3. The objective of walnut kernel & shells separator is to get the meat from hard-shelled nuts in quantity.
4. The Green walnut peeler is professional equipment for shelling walnuts.
The Walnut Shelling Equipment is integrated cracking walnuts and separating kernel from shell into a set with the features of compact structure, easy to operate, low power consumption, little noise, etc.

The samples

 Green Walnut Peeler


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