Soybean Oil Press Machine

Soybean Oil Press Machine

Descriptions of Soybean oil press machine

Soybean oil press machine, also called soya bean oil mill, Lantian machinery production of Soybean oil extraction machine is the introduction of South Korea's technology, and grain and oil machinery experts at home and abroad work together to develop a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving oil equipment, conform to the department of agriculture agricultural technology requirements and standards of Soybean oil extraction machine of its original oil processing production, fidelity is pure, is to create the best choice for modern oil mill. The win Soya bean oil mill design scientific and reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe and stable, using fully automated device, from feeding to the finished product finished only a few minutes at a time. It is made of high carbon steel, after high frequency quenching, heat treatment, high hardness, strength, good abrasion resistance, to adapt to the continuous operation of high temperature and high pressure, improve the service life of the oil press, use time of decades.
Soybean Oil Press Machine  Soybean Oil Press Machine

Characteristics of Soybean oil press machine

1. High efficiency and energy saving, advanced design, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance
2. Vacuum filter residue and ensure the pure oil, conform to the health and quarantine standards.
3. Make oil from seeds and nuts. Oil is for cooking and residue cake is for animal feed or fertilizer.
4. High working efficiency! Soya bean oil mill of spiral type just need process the oil plants by one time to get the maximum oil.
5. Make high quality healthy oil! Mechanical squeezing craft does not harm the nutrients in the oil. No chemical substances left.
6. Has different models with different processing capacities, from 50kgs to 800kgs per hour per piece.

Technical data of Soybean oil press machine



6YL-100 6YL-120 6YL-160
Screw Diameter φ 81mm φ 101mm φ 120mm φ 160mm
Spril Speed 47r/min 38r/min 37r/min 32r/min
Power 5.5kw(Y132M-4) 7.5kw(132M-4) 11kw(Y132M-4) 15kw(Y132M-4)
Vacuum Pump 0.55kw(Y801-4) 0.75kw(Y802-4) 0.75kw(Y802-4) 0.80kw(Y802-4)
Heater 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Handling Capacity 65-130kg/h 140-280kg/h 250-400kg/h 300-550kg/h
Total Weight 880kg 1250kg 1500kg 1800kg
Dimension(mm) 1500×1200×1750 1700×1300×1850 2000×1300×1500 2100×1300×1600

Applications of Soybean oil press machine
Soya Bean Oil Mill

The final product

Soya Bean Oil Mill

The structure of Soybean oil press machine
 Soybean Oil Extraction Machine

The production line of Soybean oil press machine
 Soybean Oil Extraction Machine


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Soya Bean Oil Mill

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Soya Bean Oil Mill of the CE and ISO certification  Soybean Oil Extraction Machine of the CE and ISO certification

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Soybean Oil Press Machine  of Lantian machinery

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