Sesame Oil Press Machine

Sesame Oil Press Machine

Descriptions of Sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil press machine or Sesame oil extraction machine and automatic the oil press not only can extract the sesame oil, still can squeeze peanut oil, soybean oil and other oil crops. Sesame oil mill is mainly used for the individual home processing with oil press. This product belongs to a kind of Sesame oil mill, production is not big, but simple and convenient. The main products are hydraulic oil press and the screw press. Cold pressed and screw press, the price is low, but the yield efficiency is not high. As Lantian is fully Sesame oil cold press machine, it is the introduction of foreign technology, using vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Taste sweet, yield efficiency is higher. Now mainly do processing in rural areas.
Sesame Oil Press Machine  Sesame Oil Press Machine

Characteristics of Sesame oil press machine

1. Advanced technology, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance
2. High oil extraction rate: compared with the old equipment, normal yield efficiency can be higher 2 to 3%
3. Energy conservation: reduces the total power 40%
4. Saving labor: can save labor 60%, 1 to 2 people is enough
5. Widely usage: squeeze sesame, soybeans, peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed, tea seed, sunflower seed, castor, almond, walnut and other oil crops so on more than 30 oil crops
6. Oily pure: vacuum filter residue and ensure the pure oil

Technical data of Sesame oil press machine



6YL-100 6YL-120 6YL-160
Screw Diameter φ 81mm φ 101mm φ 120mm φ 160mm
Spril Speed 47r/min 38r/min 37r/min 32r/min
Power 5.5kw(Y132M-4) 7.5kw(132M-4) 11kw(Y132M-4) 15kw(Y132M-4)
Vacuum Pump 0.55kw(Y801-4) 0.75kw(Y802-4) 0.75kw(Y802-4) 0.80kw(Y802-4)
Heater 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Handling Capacity 65-130kg/h 140-280kg/h 250-400kg/h 300-550kg/h
Total Weight 880kg 1250kg 1500kg 1800kg
Dimension(mm) 1500×1200×1750 1700×1300×1850 2000×1300×1500 2100×1300×1600

Applications of Sesame oil press machine
Sesame Oil Extraction Machine

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Sesame Oil Extraction Machine

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 Sesame Oil Mill

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Sesame Oil Cold Press Machine of the CE and ISO certification  Sesame Oil Extraction Machine of the CE and ISO certification

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Lantian machinery is a professional committed to the development and production of new type hydraulic press and the supplementary equipment based enterprises, their production of Sesame oil press machine, Sesame oil extraction machine, Sesame oil mill, Sesame oil cold press machine is widely used in peanut, soybean, tea seed, sesame seed, clay, such as animal fat squeeze, also used for dehydration of various kinds of chemical raw materials and fruits and vegetables .Our factory with excellent mechanical processing equipment, perfect technological process, advanced detection means, to produce excellent oil press equipment trusted by the masses of users; The products sell well all over the country.
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