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Brief introductions of Peanut sheller

Peanut sheller are used for shelling the hard cover to get the peanut seeds and its hard cover, the seeds is used for the food or the raw materials for the oil plant; the cover could be pelleted for the fuel. Most popular groundnut Peanut sheller machine /peanut sheller is specially designed for peeling peanut shell. It suits for different kinds of peanut. The peeling rate is more than 98%. The machine is the ideal choice for farmers and seed dealer. The rotary roll is made up of high quality timber, seed damage is much lower than iron type. Groundnut sheller machine has large, medium and small model, and it adopts principle of shelling with screw pole and grid bar concave board. Peanut sheller machine is up-to-date design, stabile performance and dependable safety.

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