Papaya Seed Oil Machine

Papaya Seed Oil Machine

Descriptions of Papaya seed oil machine

Papaya seed oil machine is papaya seed squeezing into oil. Wild papaya contains the chemical composition of many antitumor, experiments show that oleanolic acid and ursolic acid, betulinic acid, wild papaya protease, wild chymopapain has good inhibiting tumor effect. Wild papaya can reduce liver cell necrosis, promote liver cells to repair, and significantly reduce serum alanine transaminase, so as to protect the liver function. Volatile oil composition of wild papaya has antibacterial effect.  Papaya seed oil extraction is advanced oil mill machinery, characterized by its simple design, easy to use, wide suitability and continuous operation, and high productivity and high oil output ratio.

Papaya Seed Oil Machine   Papaya Seed Oil Machine

Characteristics of Papaya seed oil machine

1. Simple, convenient, energy saving, competitive price.
2. This Papaya seed oil press machine is composed of feeder, gearbox, pressing cage, screw shaft and machine stand etc
3. Final oil is high quality, good smell, and high yield rate.
4. Papaya seed oil press machine uses high carbon steel, which through high frequency quenching and heat-resisting, it is high hardness and strength, good abrasion resistance that suit for high temperature and high pressure continuous working, all this had improved the service life of the oil press for decades.
5. Wide application: ideal machine for pressing various oil seeds, such as Papaya seed, peanut, soybean, sesame, flax seed, etc;
6. The Papaya seed oil extraction surface is coated by latest material and it is good adhesion, heat resistant, greasy resistant, not only elegant appearance, but also clean.

Technical data of Papaya seed oil machine

Model(YXZJ-250) Working pressure(Mpa) Oil press capacity(kg/press) Capacity(kg/day) The cake(pieces/time) The way in cake Motor(kw)
Ordinary type 30 100 2000 10-20 Manual type 3
Ascension type 30 100 2000 10-20 Linked to improve 3
Top of cake type 30 100 2000 10-20 By the oil 3

Applications of Papaya seed oil machine
Papaya Seed Oil Extraction

The final  product
Papaya Seed Oil Extraction

The production line
Papaya Seed Oil Press Machine

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Papaya Seed Oil Press Machine

Our certifications
Papaya Seed Oil Extraction of the CE and ISO certification  Papaya Seed Oil Press Machine of the CE and ISO certification

Our service

1. Start production as soon as receiving down payment.
2. Send photos of machine in manufacturing and finished photos to client, for your better learn about the machine's condition.
3. Delivery machine in time, taking photos during loading, so you can "remote monitoring" your goods.
4. Documents and certificate available in time.

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Lantian machinery sales Papaya seed oil machine,Papaya seed oil extraction, Papaya seed oil press machine, apply to squeeze peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame seed, tung seed, sunflower seeds and plant oil palm kernel, etc. Oil press equipment have the advantages of small investment, high yield, simple, strong adaptability to oil, the oil efficiency higher advantages, for medium and small oil, township enterprises and individual are applicable. The company is responsible for door-to-door, free shipping, debugging and other services.
Papaya Seed Oil Machine of Lantian machinery


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