Palm Oil Press Machine

Palm Oil Press Machine

Descriptions of Palm oil press machine

The Palm oil press machine is also called sesame oil press machine, it is mainly used for the individual home to process oil. This product belongs to a kind of hydraulic automatic oil press, production is not big, but simple and convenient.  The Palm kernel oil press machine is putting fried fuel directly into oil barrel and squeezing out the oil. There are functions: simple process, fast speed, squeezing out pure oil without false oil.  Under the watching of user, it needs about 5 to 7 minutes to work out refined oil products. User says "oil". Especially suitable for sesame, rapeseed, peanut and other oil plants. This Palm oil extraction machine has the advantages of small volume and less land occupation; the operation is easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, and needs not particular requirements to the operator.
Palm Oil Press Machine  Palm Oil Press Machine   

Characteristics of Palm oil press machine

1. This Palm oil extraction machine is used to press olives, cocoa beans, walnuts, tea seeds, coffee beans, almonds, sesame seeds and other plant oils. It is belong to hot/cold  pressing extraction.
2. This Palm kernel oil press machine can continuous working under high temperature and pressure. The using time of it, essential oil making machine, is greatly improved.
3. High pressing oil rate - compared with the old equipment, the oil rate can be higher by 2-3%
than normal essential oil making machine.
4. Saving energy - the electric power reduce by 40% compare to the same production. With an average, essential oil making machine, can save 6 kilowatt electric each hour.
5. This machine belongs to hydraulic oil press, and it has many advantages, such  as high-pressure, high oil ratio, and the oil of final product is very clean.
6. Material adopts high quality metal materials, improve machine performance, ensure the service life of parts.

Technical data of Palm oil press machine

Model(YXZJ-250) Working pressure(Mpa) Oil press capacity(kg/press) Capacity(kg/day) The cake(pieces/time) The way in cake Motor(kw)
Ordinary type 30 100 2000 10-20 Manual type 3
Ascension type 30 100 2000 10-20 Linked to improve 3
Top of cake type 30 100 2000 10-20 By the oil 3

Applications of Palm oil press machine

Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine

The final product

 Palm Oil Extraction Machine

The production line
Palm Oil Extraction Machine

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Palm Oil Extraction Machine

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Palm Oil Extraction Machine of the CE and ISO certification  Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine of the CE and ISO certification

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