Oil Tea Seed Sheller Machine

Oil Tea Seed Sheller Machine

Brief introductions of Oil tea seed sheller machine

Oil tea seed sheller machine is specialized equipment for the tea seed shell, the Green oil tea seed sheller set tea seed shell, shell and kernel separation at an organic whole, has a simple structure, convenient operation, low power consumption, low noise, etc. Oil tea seed sheller  has compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance, shell of high efficiency and good separation, low loss rate etc. Oil tea seed sheller structure: the machine has a feed hopper, grain rod roller, shed a concave plate, air blower, the proportion of sorting sieve, air conveying machine parts, etc. Simple and compact structure, simple operation, stable performance, safe and reliable, and good durability.

Green Oil Tea Seed Sheller   Oil Tea Seed Sheller

Features of Oil tea seed sheller machine

1. This is our new popular model this year for removing the kernel of soap nuts, shelling oil tea nuts.
2. Shelling and grading, separate kernel and skin in one machine
3. High output and less harm to the flesh.
4. Capacity from 1000kgs to 5000kgs per hour
5. Advanced structure and reasonable price


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