Neem Seed Oil Expeller

Neem Seed Oil Expeller

Descriptions of Neem seed oil expeller

Neem seed oil expeller can press many kinds of crop seeds, such as soybean, mustard seeds, sesame, flax seeds, almond, cottonseeds, peanuts/groundnut, castor, cocoa, grape seed, etc. Under the combined effects of several forces, such as the pressure generated as the space in the squeeze chest becoming smaller, the propulsion of the revolving spiral axes, the resistance of the multilateral arc curves on the squeeze loops, the extrusion & friction between the oil plants, oil squeezed from the oil plants comes out from the squeeze bars and the grooves of the squeeze loops. The residue is conveyed to the end of the press chest and discharges in thin strips of oil cake from the space between the cake adjuster and the loop for cake out. Then the whole separation process of oil from oil plants is completed.

Neem Seed Oil Expeller  Neem Seed Oil Expeller

Characteristics of Neem seed oil expeller

1. The oil comes out freely, never spray out to hurt someone.
2. High quality Neem seed oil press, can be used 24 hours around for 10-15 years.
3. We will provide spare parts with low cost for the whole lifetime.
6. Low energy cost and easy operation, one person is OK.
4. We will provide pressing techniques for free.
5. We will offer one set heating circle free.
6. We will test every Neem seed oil press machine before they are sent out. Customer can use it immediately when they get it.

Technical data of Neem seed oil expeller

Model(YXZJ-250) Working pressure(Mpa) Oil press capacity(kg/press) Capacity(kg/day) The cake(pieces/time) The way in cake Motor(kw)
Ordinary type 30 100 2000 10-20 Manual type 3
Ascension type 30 100 2000 10-20 Linked to improve 3
Top of cake type 30 100 2000 10-20 By the oil 3


Applications of Neem seed oil expeller
Neem Seed Oil Press Machine

The final product

Neem Seed Oil Press


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Packaging and shipping

Neem Seed Oil Press

Our certifications
Neem Seed Oil Press of the CE and ISO certification  Neem Seed Oil Press Machine of the CE and ISO certification

Our service

1. Sales team will suggest suitable project.
2. Technical team analyses and design special molds for you.
3. Assist you build up factory and production line.
4. Install and maintain machines

About us

Lantian machinery is a company specializing in the production of Neem seed oil expeller,Neem seed oil press,Neem seed oil press machine, scientific research, manufacture, sale as a whole Enterprise, the company with scientific management method, strives for perfection the manufacturing process, innovative manufacturing idea rapidly growing growth, the company's production and the comprehensive economic indicators ranked among the top of the domestic industry, the products sell well all over the country, and exported to Russia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, South Africa, Ukraine and other 30 countries and regions.

Neem Seed Oil Expeller of Lantian machinery


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