Coffee Beans Oil Press

Coffee Beans Oil Press

Descriptions of Coffee beans oil press

Coffee beans oil press is used to press olives, cocoa beans, walnuts, tea seeds, coffee beans, almonds, sesame seeds and other plant oils. It is belong to hot/cold pressing extraction. This cocoa bean oil press machine can continuous working under high temperature and pressure. The using time of it, Cocoa bean oil press machine is greatly improved. During the extracting process, the oil or cocoa bean butter is not damaged by high temperature. before extracting oil or butter from cocoa beans , the cocoa beans need to grind into liquid stated. The Cocoa bean oil press machine has top plunger main components, hydraulic cylinders, columns, activity on the base, table, barrel, heating ring, fixed sets, fuel tank and other components.
Coffee Beans Oil Press  Coffee Beans Oil Press

Characteristics of Coffee beans oil press

1. High productivity: It strengthens feeding system and increases the advancing speed, so the working efficiency will be improved by more than 30%
2. Automatic temperature control: Coffee beans oil extraction can control the temperature automatically. When it is pressing, and it is built in vacuum shunt, the oil and residue can be apart.
3. Filter oil automatically: Using air negative pressure principle and Vacuum diversion technology, the oil and residue can be separated effectively.
4. Convenient and safe: concise structure, small occupation area, it adopt the fully enclosed protection, convenient and safe operation.
5. Durable in use: The Coffee beans oil extraction body use the high quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue casting, stable performance and long-time and continuous working
6. The Cocoa bean oil press machine surface is coated by latest material and it is good adhesion, heat resistant, greasy resistant, not only elegant appearance, but also clean.

Technical data of Coffee beans oil press

Model(YXZJ-250) Working pressure(Mpa) Oil press capacity(kg/press) Capacity(kg/day) The cake(pieces/time) The way in cake Motor(kw)
Ordinary type 30 100 2000 10-20 Manual type 3
Ascension type 30 100 2000 10-20 Linked to improve 3
Top of cake type 30 100 2000 10-20 By the oil 3

Applications of Coffee beans oil press
Coffee Beans Oil Extraction

The final product
Coffee Beans Oil Extraction

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Cocoa Bean Oil Press Machine

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Coffee Beans Oil Extraction of the CE and ISO certification  Cocoa Bean Oil Press Machine of the CE and ISO certification

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Lantian machinery is a professional production of large, medium and small series centrifugal oil filter machine, oil filter oil machine, oil machine, rapeseed oil, Coffee beans oil press, Coffee beans oil extraction, Cocoa bean oil press machine, sesame oil mill, soybean oil mill, tea seed oil press, automatic oil press, small oil mill, screw press, the new oil press, etc. The company has a modern management system, first-class processing technology, perfect detection means, high-quality scientific and technological personnel and high-quality after-sales service system, with heavy quality, keeping reputation won the trust of users. We sincerely welcome new and old customers and a man of insight to my company guidance, to inspect, negotiate, order, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.
Coffee Beans Oil Press of Lantian machinery


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