Centrifugal Filter Oil Machine

Centrifugal Filter Oil Machine

Brief introductions of Centrifugal filter oil machine

Centrifugal filter oil machine is our Gongyi city Lantian machinery factory leading research and development, science and technology personnel carefully designed by our factory, in line with national safety standards of the most advanced oil filtering equipment. This Vertical centrifugal oil filter is to use strong centrifugal force generated by high speed rotating drum to different quality, and the weight ratio of slag and solid-liquid separation, oil to achieve oil filter, can be directly heat experiment, foam or overflow pan, can reach national secondary standard. Filtering speed, once every 3-4 minutes filter, filter oil 15-20 kg each time, once every 1000 kg filter quantity oil residue, easy to operate. The Edible oil filter machine used safety device, is made of high speed rotating not from motor Siamese. Thoughtful and meticulous design, make the machine run smoothly, safety performance is high, the filtering effect is better than the other congeneric products. The filter oil machine is a terminal filter oil equipment products.
Vertical Centrifugal Oil Filter   Edible Oil Filter Machine


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