Waste Rubber Crusher

Waste Rubber Crusher

Brief introduction of Waste rubber crusher

Waste rubber crusher is a kind of used for fine grinding machine, commonly used in processing raw materials or leftover material, make it more small size. The typical example is to tear after the rubber or plastic scrap as raw material after melting granulating, used to make plastic bottles, tire, rubber or trash cans and so on. Plastic rubber crusher used in the industries of plastic recycling, is often used to waste of large diameter PE plastic pipe material, bales packing plastic film, the big pile of plastic and models are broken. Waste rubber is the rubbish once throw, so how to dispose it become more and more important. The production line we produced, can save your cost and return the waste rubber to useful materials, Steel crusher is in accordance with the "turn the waste into wealth". Moreover, the waste rubber do not through anywhere and protect the environment from polluting.
Waste Rubber Crusher  Waste Rubber Crusher

Features of Waste rubber crusher

1. High production, low energy consumption, low noise, low cost;
2. High work efficiency, simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance;
3. The final ends have the features of energy-saving, environmental friendly and the uniformity.
4. Individual Cleaning Fingers mounted to the chamber sidewalls ensure quick discharge of shredded materials
5. Tested, Approved and certified to the applicable CE safety standards and we also can achieve other standards as your request;
6. Wire rubber crusher is absolutely environmental friendly and create great profits for you

The main technical parameters of Waste rubber crusher

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
HL 7080 37 1 4000 1600 *1400 *1700
HL 1280 75 2 14500 3200* 2000* 3200
HL 1210 110 3 20000 2400 *1800* 3000
HL 1680 132-200 4-5 25000 2700 *1400* 2800
HL 1690 315 6-8 30000 3500* 2600 *4000

Before crushing
Plastic Rubber Crusher

After crushing

Steel Crusher

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Packaging & Shipping of Waste rubber crusher
Wire Rubber Crusher


Wire Rubber Crusher of the CE and ISO certification  Plastic Rubber Crusher of the CE and ISO certification

Our Services

1. Send engineers to install, test the machines and offer technology guidance and worker training at customers' factory. 
2. Offer 12 months free maintenance and life long service. After the warranty period, spare parts will be provided at basic cost. 
3. Visit customers and make quality trace periodically and take customers' feedback into account during routine practices. 
4. Speed up service and spare parts supply.

Company Information

Lantian machinery is one of the pioneers in auxiliary plastic forming equipment industry in China, specializing in research, design, manufacture and distribution of and service for such equipment with the technology and experience accumulated about 30 years. Our products include crushers, grinders, rubber cutters, dryers. Waste rubber crusher, Plastic rubber crusher, Steel crusher, Wire rubber crusher, wire recycling machine.
Waste Rubber Crusher of Lantian machinery

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