Scrap Aluminum Crusher

Scrap Aluminum Crusher

Brief introduction of Scrap aluminum crusher

Scrap aluminum crusher is a kind of advanced crushing and recycling equipment. This series of products are basic on advantage of various crushers, fully apply impacting, cutting, mutual striking, grinding principle, then developed. This Aluminum scrap metal crusher for low-speed operation, with the sword plate for material cutting rip pull, with torsion big, high output, no rashness sound, wear-resisting advantages, may to the different scrap trams, the battery, steel scurf, copper, aluminum soap scraps, tube, PCB material such as smash, mainly for the press block, smelting, crushing, etc of prophase processing. The new Aluminum can crusher is widely used in the scrap of iron, steel, car racks, motorcycle racks, bike racks, and a large class of scrap steel items. Aluminum can crusher can make the can become spheroid so that the transportation expenses can be greatly reduced.
Scrap Aluminum Crusher  Scrap Aluminum Crusher

Features of Scrap aluminum crusher

1. This machine is low noisy, non-pollution, operation simply, maintain convenient.
2. The Aluminum scrap metal crusher has a strong structure and stiffening plate to ensure the body strong.
3. The Scrap aluminum crusher can equipped with the conveyor belt feeding equipment.
4. Engagement type cutting blade, which can smash the scrap metal, cans completely.
5. No footing bolts needed in installation; diesel engine can be equipped or power.
6. Hammer is made of high manganese steel, with good quality for long time use

The main technical parameters of Scrap aluminum crusher

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
HL 7080 37 1 4000 1600 *1400 *1700
HL 1280 75 2 14500 3200* 2000* 3200
HL 1210 110 3 20000 2400 *1800* 3000
HL 1680 132-200 4-5 25000 2700 *1400* 2800
HL 1690 315 6-8 30000 3500* 2600 *4000

Before crushing

Aluminum scrap crusher can be used for aluminium can, metal pail, metal can, drink can and so on. This machine can make the can become spheroid so that the transportation expenses can be greatly reduced.
Aluminum Scrap Metal Crusher

After crushing
Aluminum Can Crusher

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Packaging & Shipping of Scrap aluminum crusher
Aluminum Can Crusher

Aluminum Can Crusher of the CE and ISO certification  Aluminum Scrap Metal Crusher of the CE and ISO certification

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1. Supply full sets of equipments and spare parts
2. Supply our suggestion for which ready to build new workshops
3. Appoint engineers to site for installation and technical training if needed
4. Establish files for all our machines sold, periodically checking machines' running
5. Supply written or video instruction for maintenance and repair.

Company Information

The Aluminum scrap Crusher is made by Lantian Machinery, which is the specialized machine to smash the aluminum cans. This Aluminum can crusher has been used in some company which is recycle the hardware successfully, and win the consensus praise of clients from home and abroad.
Scrap Aluminum Crusher of Lantian machinery

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