Old Paint Pot Crusher

Old Paint Pot Crusher

Brief introduction of Old paint pot crusher

Old paint pot crusher are the new design from our company, they are also called Old paint pot mental crusher, waste old paint pot crusher),they are widely used for recycling waste and old goods and materials, waste and old metal, waste and old smelting steel etc. They can be used for crushing bicycle, motorcycle, refrigerator, washing machine, computer hard disk, iron, aluminum sheet and pot, aluminum product, bulb, waste paint pot, can, beer can and so on. Model 1000 and model 1300 metal crushers are with dust collector, have remove paint and remove dust function; and they can separate iron and aluminum. The final product after crushed is chippings or uniform balls shape granule, which are easy to transport and re-produced. The users can adopt different allocations according to the materials species, scale, and the requirements of the finished goods
Old Paint Pot Crusher  Old Paint Pot Crusher

Features of Old paint pot crusher

1.Materials is crushed adequately and effectively in broken cavity, high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform output size.
2. Controlled by atomized buttons, it is very safe and convenient.
3. The final product after crushed are chippings or uniform balls shape granule,which are easy to transport and re-produced.
4.This Paint bucket crusher is the idea machinery for Ferroalloy smelting, metal steel scrap, scrap iron, scrap metal and scrap recycling companies.
5. Paint bucket crusher boot smoothly without too much noise, and the foundation is installed, the noise is very small.
6. Old paint pot mental crusher gear motor drive, other than cans mill to save 20% of the electricity.

The main technical parameters of Old paint pot crusher

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
HL 7080 37 1 4000 1600 *1400 *1700
HL 1280 75 2 14500 3200* 2000* 3200
HL 1210 110 3 20000 2400 *1800* 3000
HL 1680 132-200 4-5 25000 2700 *1400* 2800
HL 1690 315 6-8 30000 3500* 2600 *4000

Before crushing
Old Paint Pot Mental Crusher

After crushing
Paint Bucket Crusher

Our customers from different countries

The case
Paint Bucket Crusher

Packaging & Shipping of Old paint pot crusher
Waste Old Paint Pot Crusher

Waste Old Paint Pot Crusher of the CE and ISO certification  Old Paint Pot Mental Crusher of the CE and ISO certification

Our Services

1. Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;
2. Training technical personnel for our clients;
3. Checking products acceptance ahead of delivery;
4. Introducing the service system to our clients.
5. Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme;

Company Information

Gongyi city Lantian machinery factory mainly produces metal crusher, cans crusher, cans crusher, the paint bucket crusher, crusher, Waste old paint pot crusher, bicycle gasoline can crusher, heavy metal crusher, crusher of wire cables and other mechanical equipment. Set research and development, production, sales as one. Since the company since the establishment of enterprises with advanced modern management system, independent innovation, collected a batch of scientific and technological elite, the company long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research units, the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad
Old Paint Pot Crusher of Lantian machinery


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