Oil Filter Crusher

Oil Filter Crusher

Brief introduction of Oil filter crusher

Lantian machinery developed a complete set of specific equipment - Oil filter crusher crushing oil filter. Include large oil filter cover in the crushing process, can be to separate oil filter back cover directly, in the process of crushing oil filter shell including oil filter cover and oil filter paper, not retain all into aluminum and iron separator, and then separating iron and paper, rubber ring, spring, after conveyor carry materials to a certain extent all cases iron and paper separation, thus the oil filter paper after the oil pressure machine oil filter paper in the oil directly into the container, then oil filter shell after a long knead, iron above the oil is easy to discharge. Oil filter shredder below a oil pan, the inside of the equipment oil directly into the tray, and then into the container. This Oil filter recycling shredder process will be accomplished.
Oil Filter Crusher  Oil Filter Crusher

Features of Oil filter crusher

1. Oil filter recycling shredder stable performance, low noise, is not easy to burn
2. Pollution to the environment have the value of the waste resource recycling
3. Oil filter paper after pressure Oil filter shredder out of cake can also burn again, oil filter paper cake can go in boiler combustion
4. With large torque, high yield, no manic, resistant to wear, etc
5. Oil filter shredder can make the drying, crushing material briquetting, smelting, and broken, in the early period of the chemical fire prevention materials handling and pneumatic conveying becomes easy
6. Equipped with a motor overload and chain safeguard system of power supply, ensure the safety of the operation

The main technical parameters of Oil filter crusher

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
HL 7080 37 1 4000 1600 *1400 *1700
HL 1280 75 2 14500 3200* 2000* 3200
HL 1210 110 3 20000 2400 *1800* 3000
HL 1680 132-200 4-5 25000 2700 *1400* 2800
HL 1690 315 6-8 30000 3500* 2600 *4000

Before and after crushing
Oil Filter Shredder

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Packaging & Shipping of Oil filter crusher

Oil Filter Recycling Shredder


Oil Filter Shredder of the CE and ISO certification  Oil Filter Recycling Shredder of the CE and ISO certification

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Oil Filter Crusher of Lantian machinery

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