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Beer Bottle Crusher

Beer Bottle Crusher

Brief introduction of Beer bottle crusher

The Beer bottle crusher can scrap metal, slag, iron slag, metal and other materials under the angle of the broken metal recycling large crushing machine. Scrap beer bottle crusher had combined with the special technical ingenuity and perfect design. It not only has the world-class performance and good reliability, but also the operational cost is lower. Our Waste beer bottle cap crusher is a new type crushing machine, it can made large waste material into wealth, Pop-top can crusher can crush sprite cans, coke cans, beer cans, iron bucket, oil barrel, paint cans etc. This Metal beer can crusher can crush the can into small pieces through external force according to the requirements of users Metal beer can crusher is good to reduce transportation cost and improve the efficiency of the cast iron furnace. So it plays an irreplaceable role in the steel mills or metal processing enterprise
Beer Bottle Crusher  Beer Bottle Crusher

Features of Beer bottle crusher

1. It mainly used for crushing various waste cans, beer cap and all kinds of metal beverage cans, paint cans, sheet metal scrap, scrap  iron, tin and other metal cans, car, bike, engine.
2. The final product that from the metal shredder machine is easily carrying and shipping, conveniently steel-making, shortening time of smelting, and greatly improve the efficiency of iron and steel smelting.  
3. The Waste beer bottle cap crusher has full range of control buttons. It needs as long as one person to control the device in entire processing procedure.
4. The Scrap beer bottle crusher slow down the motor drive.  It works smoothly without too much noise.
5. High crushing ratio and high efficiency. The output granule is evenly and adjustable.
6. The rotating body has lifting device, easy for staff close to the equipment and safety maintenance.

The main technical parameters of Metal crusher

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
HL 7080 37 1 4000 1600 *1400 *1700
HL 1280 75 2 14500 3200* 2000* 3200
HL 1210 110 3 20000 2400 *1800* 3000
HL 1680 132-200 4-5 25000 2700 *1400* 2800
HL 1690 315 6-8 30000 3500* 2600 *4000

Before and after crushing
Scrap Beer Bottle Crusher

Our customers from different countries
Waste Beer Bottle Cap Crusher

Packaging & Shipping of Beer bottle crusher
Metal Beer Can Crusher

Metal Beer Can Crusher of the CE and ISO certification  Scrap Beer Bottle Crusher of the CE and ISO certification

Our Services

1. Highly inspecting equipments in every working procedure, quality comes first
2. Fast & Safe Delivery
3. Send engineers to install and debug equipments
4. We training the technicians and operators on site
5. We visit clients to solve production problems regularly

Company Information

 Lantian mechanical plant is a high-tech enterprise collection of crusher machines, wearing-resisting materials R&D, manufacture, sales and service. Our company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. Lantian equipment cost-effective, reliable work, easy maintenance, low operating costs, widely used in mining Mining the field of building materials, coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, refractory materials, smelting works, has become a major production and export base of the domestic Scrap beer bottle crusher and Waste beer bottle cap crusher
Beer Bottle Crusher of Lantian machinery


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