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Wood Carbonization Furnace

Wood Carbonization Furnace

Introductions of Wood carbonization furnace

Wood carbonization furnace (new environmental protection charcoal furnace) based on in the original charcoal furnace flue gas recovery unit, flue gas recycling can reach clean smokeless, after the recovery of flue gas can be ignited like liquefied petroleum gas, used for heating, cooking, also available for the dryer. New environmental protection Wood charcoal furnace has used a combination of function, material also can be directly carbonized, also can be made first rods after carbonization. wood charcoal making furnace adopts new advanced hot air carbonizing technology, greatly improves the carbonization rate to 99%, compared with the carbonization rate 80% of traditional carbonization stove! This kind Wood charcoal carbonization stove is safe and easy to operate, thus it is very famous among many industries like charcoal making industry and boiler industry.  The raw materials are all kinds of wood, wood chips, wood branches, wood sawdust, wood wastes and other kinds of biomass like rice husks, peanut shells, coconut shells, wheat brans, stalks, etc. And, the biomass briquettes like rice husk briquettes, wood briquettes can also be carbonized by our Wood charcoal furnace
Wood Carbonization Furnace   Wood Carbonization Furnace

Technical data of Wood carbonization furnace

Type Model Capacity Size Temperature
Air flow 4 tones 600kg 400 ×1500 ×2000 mm 500 ℃
5 tones 1200kg 5000 ×1600 ×2200 mm 500 ℃
Spontaneous 4 m³ 1400kg 2300× 1600 ×2000 mm 450 ℃
6 m³ 1600kg 2500 ×1800× 2000 mm 450 ℃
Spontaneous 8 m³ 1800kg 3500× 2000 ×2000 mm 480 ℃
10 m³ 2200kg 4100 ×2000 ×2000mm 550 ℃
Suitable material wood log, briquettesbamboo coconut shell, palm shells, tree branches,etc
Applications charcoal, can be used BBQ boiler heating, family heating, to make active carbon and other industrial usage


Wood carbonization furnace
1. Smokeless, no pollution
2. Energy-saving and easy for operate
3. High carbonization rate
4. Easy for loading &transport

Advantages of Wood carbonization furnace

1. The final products is smokeless, odorless and innocuity
2. Due to its rational structure, the Wood charcoal making furnace only needs small heat consumption.
3. Easy to transport and store as densities product
4. Uniform in size and quality as a kind of biofuel briquette
5. Shortens the carbonization time and shows the features of easy operation, higher safety and   efficiency
6. Wood charcoal carbonization stove can working 24hours,and it will increase the output of charcoal powder, and it is totally environmental friendly, so it is popular in the  world market.

Finished product of Wood carbonization furnace
Wood Charcoal Furnace

Production Line Equipments for Wood carbonization furnace
Wood Charcoal Making Furnace production line

Our customers from different countries
The customers visit Lantian mechanical plant

Packaging & Shipping of Wood carbonization furnace
Wood Charcoal Carbonization Stove packaging and shipping

Our Certification
The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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Wood Carbonization Furnace of Lantian mechanical plant

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