Straw Crusher Machine


Brief introduction of Straw crusher machine

The new type good quality Straw crusher machine in Lantian machinery is driven by the motor and pulley, and the main spindle rotates rapidly with hammerheads on the shaft impacting the materials and get material crushed. Corn straw crusher is suitable for mobile operation, widely used in particleboard and fiberboard production of small and medium enterprises preparation steps can also be used for the self-employed for production of wood products. Grain straw crusher machine is the most ideal milling equipment of all kinds of  straw, grass, stalk, tree branches, waste cardboard, bamboo, wood scrap, corn stalk, peanut shell, wheat stalk, wood fuel, cotton stalk, biomass shell and so on. Grain straw crusher machine is a multifunctional machine can not only crush grains, but also can crush crop straws, high capacity with low breakage, good helper for family and animal feeding use.
Straw Crusher Machine  Straw Crusher Machine

Main features of the Straw crusher machine

1.The raw material can be wood logs , branches , corn stalk , cotton stalk , straw , grass ,sorghum stalk , stalk fiber ,tree branch, tree trimmings, wood chips, bamboo and so on .
2. The Corn straw crusher is automatic, save time and labor.
3. The material is widely used in making paper, biomass energy, edible fungus, mechanism charcoal particle board, sawdust board, high density board, fiber board, and etc.
4. Low noise, simple construction, working stability, competitive price, high quality, easy to operate.
5. It is suitable for the agriculture culture industry and chemical refining manufacture.
6. Safety and reliable: special device to save us a lot of time

Technical parameters of Straw crusher machine

Model 500 600 800 1000
Dia. of blade(mm) 500 600 800 1000
Qty. of crushing blade(pcs) 12 32 42 52
Qty  of chipping blade(pcs) 4 3 4 4
Length of blade(mm) 120 200 240 340
Dia. of oblique feeding port(mm) 150×160
160 ×180
200 ×220
330 ×320
Rotating speed(r/m) 1400 1400 1200 1000
Motor power(kw) 15 18.5-22 37-45 55-75
Capacity(kg/h) 200-300 300-1000 1000-2000 2000-3000
Weight(kg) 300 800 1400 2200
Dimension(L*W*H) (mm) 1200*700*730 1300*980*730 2000*1000*1300 2300*1750*2300

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Corn Straw Crusher

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Packaging & Shipping of Straw crusher machine
Grain Straw Crusher Machine packaging and shipping


The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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Straw Crusher Machine of Lantian mechanical plant

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