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Biomass Carbonization Furnace

Biomass Carbonization Furnace

Introductions of Biomass carbonization furnace

Lantian series Biomass carbonization furnace not only have the shortest carbonization time, but also have the smoking purification system can collect the wood tar oil and the exhaust gas, After processed, the gas can be used recycling fuel, you can used the gas produced by wood. The fuel can be wood, charcoal, coal, natural gas or diesel, for wood 30-50kg/4-5 hours, if coal about 20-30kg/4-5 hours, natural gas and diesel can be used. we can provide the other four inner pots. It can achieve carbonization continuously, after first batch carbonization, you can take out the inner pots to cool them, then put the other four pots inside, start the next batch, so you can carbonization 4 batch 24 hours. Biomass charcoal furnace has features of unique structure, large effective volume, advanced carbonization technology, short cycle, high yield, good environmental protection, long service life, etc. Also we can customize high, medium and low temperature carbonization stove according to customers special requirement.
Biomass Carbonization Furnace  Biomass Carbonization Furnace

Technical data of Biomass carbonization furnace

Type Output Machine size Weight Time of carbonizing Time of cooling
Spontaneous 3 m³ 1000kg 2.3 ×1.6 ×2 m 3000kg 15 hours 24-30 hours
Spontaneous 5 m³ 1300kg 2.5 ×1.8 ×2 m 3300kg 18 hours 30-40 hours
Spontaneous 6 m³ 1500kg 3 ×1.8 ×2.1 m 4000kg 20 hours 30-40 hours
Spontaneous 8 m³ 2000kg 3.5 ×2 ×2 m 4500kg 24 hours 45-60 hours
Spontaneous 10 m³ 2800kg 4.1× 2  ×2 m 5000kg 30 hours 60-80 hours


Biomass carbonization furnace
1. No-smoking
2. Good quality
3. Easy to operate and to maintain
4. Short delivery time

Advantages of Biomass carbonization furnace

1. Advanced energy-saving charcoal stove smoke-free
2. Biomass charcoal carbonization furnace have an advanced filter.
3. Can be decomposition of the smoke in the water and tar quickly, to smoking, and environmental effects,
4. The carbonizing temperature can be controlled and adjusted; stable structure, long service life, easy operation
5. The final charcoal has the feature of high calory, low ash content, low smoking etc.
6. Great carbonizing ratio(99%) and short carbonizing time( about 6 hours).

Finished product of Biomass carbonization furnace
Biomass Charcoal Furnace

Production Line Equipments for Biomass carbonization furnace

Biomass Charcoal Carbonization Furnace production line

Our customers from different countries
The customers visit Lantian mechanical plant

Packaging & Shipping of Biomass carbonization furnace
 Biomass Charcoal Furnace packaging and shipping

Our Certification
The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Company Information

Established in 1980s, our company covers an area of 100,000 square meters which includes 66,000 square meters of workshops. We have the most advanced technology, most strict process, from material purchase to the finished products, all strictly according to the national quality inspections standards.  Our key product include briquette machine, ball press machine, tablet press machine, crusher, ball mill, Biomass charcoal carbonization furnace, rotary drying machines, Biomass charcoal furnace, oil press machine, packaging machine, fertilizer and pellets machine and other machines.
Biomass Carbonization Furnace of Lantian mechanical plant

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1. Guide our customers to deploy the most useful equipment item according to their requirement.
2. Provide product information and technical details.
3. Design and manufacture product according to the customers' special requirement.


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