Type Coal Dryer

Type Coal Dryer

Generation Introduction of Type coal dryer

Type coal dryer Popular in South is used for drying different kinds of briquettes such as coal briquettes, mineral briquettes etc. Type coal mesh belt dryer is also one of the most important equipment in the briquette production line. Type coal briquette dryer has better drying effect; it could meet the demands of the customers who need to dry the briquettes to a lower moisture level and it could be designed according to the customer requirements. This type of Type coal briquette dryer is a new generation of products, developed and manufactured by our company, based on our many years of practical experience. Compared to old ones, these new Type coal mesh belt dryer are more energy-saving, practical, steady and efficient.
Type Coal Dryer

Generation Introduction of Vertical type for Type coal

It's a dry which can dry coal briquettes, especially pillow shape, oval , ball shape briquettes.

Type Coal Dryer

Generation Introduction of Box- type for Type coal

It's a dryer designed for type coal and barbecue charcoal, the temperature can be controlled between 80-90 degrees to avoid charcoal burning and crack.
Type Coal Dryer

Performance characteristics of Type coal dryer

1. The equipment is widely used in industries such as chemistry, dyestuff, mineral, feedstuff, and foodstuff. 
2. Great handling ability, fuel consumption less, low drying cost.
2. High temperature resistant, can use high temperature and hot air to dry the materials rapidly
4. Low noise, stable operating, self-control temperature and convenience to install and maintain.
5. Wide scope of application, it is suitable for all kinds material, and is the general type drying equipment

Technical parameter of Type coal dryer

Models Unit number Mesh belt width(m) Dry long(m) Spread the thickness of the material(mm) The use of temperature Steam pressure(Mpa) The steam consumption(kg/h) So the heat exchange area(m2) The drying time(h) Dry strength of water(kg/h) The fan number Fan total power(kw) Total power(kw) Total weight(kg)
LHG-1.2-8 4 1.2 8 10-80 50-120 0.2-0.6 120-120 272 0.2-1.2 60-160 5 9.9 11.4 4850
LHG-1.2-10 5 1.2 10 10-80 50-120 0.2-0.6 150-150 340 0.25-1.5 80-80 6 12.1 13.6 5860
LHG-1.6-8 4 1.6 8 20-90 50-120 0.2-0.6 150-150 352 0.2-1.2 75-75 5 9.9 11.4 5500
LHG-1.6-10 5 1.6 10 20-90 50-120 0.2-0.6 170-170 440 0.25-1.5 95-95 6 12.1 13.6 6550
4 2 8 30-100 50-120 0.2-0.6 180-180 448 0.2-1.2 100-100 5 18.2 19.7 6380
5 2 10 30-100 50-120 0.2-0.6 225-225 560 0.25-1.5 120-120 6 22.2 23.7 7890

Type coal dryer applicable scope

Type Coal Mesh Belt Dryer

Working principle of Type coal dryer
Type Coal Mesh Belt Dryer

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Type Coal Briquette Dryer

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Type Coal Briquette Dryer

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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We are a 30 years factory, all our machines are manufactured by ourselves, factory direct sales, product quality and after-sales service can be guarantee. Type coal dryer is the blue sky machinery type coal charcoal according to 28 years industry experience and the needs of users at home and abroad, took five years to develop the present domestic most advanced type c, type coal dryer equipment, the success of the product research and development, to fill the gaps in domestic coal block type drying industry
Type Coal Dryer of Lantian machinery


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