Sawdust Wood Dryer

Sawdust Wood Dryer

Brief introduction of Sawdust wood dryer

The new type wood sawdust dryer device enables real-time water vapor emitted from the top, and the end of the steam heat recovery and utilization, is a new type high efficient energy - saving drying equipment The Wood sawdust dryer machine than market surface common drum type drying device different, it use heat pipe indirect to materials heating, materials and heat source to full contact, steam to real - time from the top of device , heat source use hot - blast stove heating not consumption, with dry effect good, and structure reasonable, and output big, and energy consumption low, and install convenient, and operation simple, and to range wide such as advantage of, is feed such as powder materials the most ideal private device. The Sawdust wood rotary dryer can be adapted to the wood, straw and other raw materials, drying sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, wheat, soybeans, sand, sawdust and other powder granule logistics, environmentally friendly, energy saving, is instead of the traditional drying equipment environmental protection energy-saving products
Sawdust Wood Dryer 

Performance characteristics of Sawdust wood dryer

1. The drying effect is good, fast, uniform heating, in the work in good liquidity, low drying cost
2. The moisture content 30% the left and right sides of a material can be to standard moisture 15%;
3. Large intensity of drying, due to the heat pipe and materials can be fully contact with, greatly increases the heat source materials and the area of effective contact.
4. High drying efficiency, energy saving and efficiency.
5. Flow speed of the material is controlled by frequency converter.
6. Low temperature of outlet air; long working time of dedusting equipment, which enables continuous production with next procedure.

Technical parameter of Sawdust wood dryer

Model Power(kw) Output(t/h) Maximum inlet temperature (℃)
600 3 Set the user 700 or less
800 4 Set the user 700 or less
1000 4 Set the user 700 or less
1200 5.5 Set the user 700 or less
1500 11 Set the user 850 or less

Compared before and after drying

Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine

Working principle of Sawdust wood dryer

Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine

The details of  Sawdust wood dryer

Sawdust Wood Rotary Dryer

The case

Sawdust Wood Rotary Dryer

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Sawdust Wood Dryer

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Sawdust Wood Dryer of Lantian machinery

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