Quartz Sand Dryer

Quartz Sand Dryer

Brief introduction of Quartz sand dryer

Quartz sand dryer with river sand dryer belong to the same kind of dryer equipment, general can adopt the monocular their body, with mineral powder dryer are similar, Quartz sand rotary dryer is mainly used for drying materials drying humidity and particle size range, is widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry, all kinds of ores, limestone, coal powder, quartz sand, clay, scrubbing yellow sand, foundry sand, sand and all kinds of metal ore concentrate, tailings not afraid of high temperature and slightly by soot pollution materials such as drying and dry. Quartz sand dryer machine has the advantages of high yield, low energy consumption, low maintenance. The application of Quartz sand rotary dryer can make it advanced one by one. Its widely use make quartz sand dryer have a high value in the dryer industry. Quartz sand dryer machine is one of the most common and widely used in drying equipment. Quartz sand dryer mainly apply to industry such as sawdust, rice husk, etc.
Quartz Sand Dryer  Quartz Sand Dryer

Performance characteristics of Quartz sand dryer

1. Save floor space of the machine;
2. Lower cost than normal dryer
3. The temperature of the final product is low, the life of dust collector is long.
4. The fuel can be coal, oil, gas and so on.
5. It can be adjusted the humidity very easy.
6. High temperature resistance, it can use the high temperature to dry the material quickly.

Technical parameter of Quartz sand dryer

Series models Outside the cylinder diameter (mm) Within the cylinder diameter (mm) Barrel length (m) Cylinder slope (%) Feed plate form Maximum inlet temperature (℃) Overall dimensions (m)
LHG -1.5x15m 1500 500 15 3-5% Lifting type 850 16.2 * 2.7 * 2.7
LHG - 1.5x17m 1500 500 17 3-5% Lifting type 850 18.2 * 2.7 * 2.7
LHG - 1.5x19m 1500 500 19 3-5% Lifting type 850 20.0 * 2.9 * 2.9
LHG - 1.8x21m 1800 650 21 3-5% Lifting type 850 22.5 * 2.7 * 2.7
LHG - 1.8x23m 1800 650 23 3-5% Lifting type 850 24.5 * 2.9 * 2.9
LHG - 1.8x25m 1800 650 25 3-5% Lifting type 850 26.5 * 2.9 * 2.9
LHG - 2.2x21m 2200 800 21 3-5% Lifting type 850 28.5 * 2.9 * 2.9
LHG - 2.2x23m 2200 800 23 3-5% Lifting type 850 30.5 * 2.9 * 2.9
LHG - 2.2x25m 2200 800 25 3-5% Lifting type 850 32.5 * 2.9 * 2.9

Quartz sand dryer applicable scope

Quartz Sand Rotary Dryer

Working principle of Quartz sand dryer

Quartz Sand Dryer Machine

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Quartz Sand Rotary Dryer

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