Pomace Dryer

Pomace Dryer

Brief introduction of Pomace dryer

A pomace dryer is defined as a device in which solids are dried while being transported along the interior of a rotating cylinder equipped with lifting flights to shower the solids through the hot gas. Through heat exchange, it is to reduce or minimize moisture content of the material it is drying. By Cassava slag dryer, people could get the finished product which is suitable for packing, transportation, subsequent process, etc. Lantian LHG series Bean dregs dryer for apple pomace, slag pineapple, orange slag material, improvement of pomace special dryers, use the original break up against bonding technology and drying technology, good solve the pomace all kinds of technical problems in the process of drying, good drying effect is obtained. Pomace by coal-fired stove, front-rear equipment dedicated dryer, drum dryer, dust removal system, ventilation equipment, rotating equipment, electric control system and equipment, including high and low temperature pipes etc, is the first selection of fruit drinks manufacturers khan and sugar-making enterprises drying equipment.
Pomace Dryer  Pomace Dryer

Performance characteristics of Pomace dryer

1. Pomace dedicated dryer scattered production line adopts the special device, make sure the dryer drying effect;
2. Adopts stepless variable speed drive, according to the pomace moisture and convenient to adjust the speed of the drum;
3. Within the Cassava slag dryer set with strong break up, can effectively solve like apple Tony class material in the drying process of bonding and caking problem;
4. The novel sealing device, fruit slag powder spillover, and with good effect of heat preservation system, effectively reduce the coal consumption of drying system.
5. This Bean dregs dryer is energy-saving, environment protected. so new and old customers are well received.
6. It heat source using hot blast stove heating not consumption, has the drying effect is good, reasonable structure, high yield

Technical parameter of Pomace dryer

Model(mm) Feed moisture(%) Discharge water(%) Power(kw) Outside dimensions(m) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t)
RG-1000 ≤65
4-5.5 10 ×1.1× 1.4 1-1.5 5.6
RG-1200 ≤65
7.5-11 10×1.3×1.6 1.5-2 6.5
RG-1500 ≤65
11-15 12 ×1.6 ×1.9 2-3 10.8
RG-1800 ≤65
15-18.5 12×1.9 ×2.0 4-6 13.5
RG-2000 ≤65
18.5-22 12 ×2.1×2.4 5-8 15.8
RG-2200 ≤65
22-35 12×2.3 ×2.5 6-9 16.2
RG2400 ≤65
35-45 12×2.5 ×2.7 7-10 18.8


Compared before and after drying 
Cassava Slag Dryer

The details of Pomace dryer

Cassava Slag Dryer

Working principle of Pomace dryer

 Bean Dregs Dryer

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Lantian machinery is a mining equipment manufacturing established in 1980s in China. Our main products are rotary dryers, Bean dregs dryer,rotary kiln, and sand making products. Our company has independent import and export rights. The company features advanced CAD and computer simulation test system, which ensures the quality of design, development, manufacturing and after-sale service.
Pomace Dryer of Lantian machinery


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