Ore Balls Dryer

Ore Balls Dryer

Generation Introduction of Vertical type Ore balls dryer

Ore balls dryer is design which the aiming at coal and the powdered ore cool suppression ball groups dehydration. The designs are reasonable, the thermal utilization factor high the dry effect is good the amount of wird may move. Mineral powder ball dryer can dry the wet material for package, transportation of recycle, all the models can choose to add the 24-hour timer, a week timer or microcomputer control temperature automatic controller, 99-hour time, fault indication.
Ore Balls Dryer

Generation Introduction of Belt type Ore balls dryer

The mesh belt dryer is mainly for drying of plate ,strip and granular materials with better  ventilation, the conveyor directly transports finished balls to the pallet conveyor ,and the scraping plate on the upper end of the pallet conveyor arranges these balls evenly on the dryer ,improving ventilation property of the balls ,achieving drying effect ,ensuring continuous production of all equipment .

 Ore Balls Dryer

Generation Introduction of Box- type Ore balls dryer

Box- type Ore balls dryer can be used to dry ore balls
Ore Balls Dryer

Performance characteristics of Ore balls dryer

1. Compared with the general return discharge type drying furnace, this Ore balls vertical dryer reduce 1/2 investment; 1/5 cover area.
2. The energy consumption and operation cost greatly reduced.
3. Inner hopper and all the internal parts are med of stainless steel.
4. The separated design of the pail and the bottom of Hooper is convenient to clear and changing material.
5. Adopt proportional deviation indication thermostat to control the temperature accurately
6. Double overheating protection can avoid the accidents caused by people or machine.

Technical parameter of Ore balls dryer

Series models The module number Dehydration rate (%)
Drying time (h)
The flue gas temperature (℃) Fabric motor power (kw) Processing capacity (t/h) Weight (t)
LHG-5 1 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 2.2 4-7 17
LHG-10 2 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 3 9-12 28.6
LHG-15 3 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 4 14-17 34
LHG-20 4 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 5.5 18-23 49.8
LHG-25 5 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 7.5 23-28 64.9
LHG-30 6 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 7.5 28-33 75
LHG-35 7 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 11 33-38 86
LHG-40 8 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 11 38-45 113
LHG-50 10 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 15 48-55 129

Ore balls dryer applicable scope

Mineral Powder Ball Dryer

Working principle of Ore balls dryer

Mineral Powder Ball Dryer

The case

Ore Balls Vertical Dryer

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Ore Balls Vertical Dryer

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Ore Balls Dryer of Lantian machinery


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