Hookah Charcoal Dryer

Hookah Charcoal Dryer

Brief introduction of Hookah charcoal dryer

Lantian brand box type Hookah charcoal dryer is not based on the traditional drying furnace modification, but under the condition of nowhere, in the face of today's widespread type coal drying furnace under the condition of large investment, high failure rate, in addition to the coal drying characteristics, the research and development design, industrialized experiments put into operation, the upgrading of products and upgrading, large scale several stages, such as five years ago, the success of the product. In products, fully embodies the suitable innovation, the development efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality. The heat source can be fire or electric.  Drying efficiency of this Silver charcoal dryer is much higher than nature drying, and it is not influenced by weather.
Hookah Charcoal Dryer   Hookah Charcoal Dryer

Performance characteristics of Hookah charcoal dryer

1. Our Shisha charcoal dryer can control the temperature, when drying the hookah shisha briquettes, the temperature is preferred 90 ℃, when the temperature reach the point, the dryer will stop work, saving energy.
2. Whole sealing structure keeps the dust away from your goods.
3. Each Silver charcoal dryer is equipped with an alarm in case of accident..
4. Accurate control of temperature guarantees the safe of your goods.
5. With low energy consumption, low noise, heat source and the chassis merged into one, without foundation, put in the ground plane on the motor can be used immediately.

Technical parameter of Hookah charcoal dryer

Series specifications (m) Box-type size The heat source (coal) Power consumption (power) The temperature control range Allow the load The efficiency of
LHG5X2X2.2 —— 8.3 kg per hour 2.5kw/h + / - 1 ℃ 3 tons 3 tons

Hookah charcoal dryer applicable scope

Silver Charcoal Dryer

Working principle of Hookah charcoal dryer 

Silver Charcoal Dryer

The details of Hookah charcoal dryer 

Shisha Charcoal Dryer

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Shisha Charcoal Dryer

Our certifications
The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Our Services

Pre-sales service: We can assist you analyze your particular requirements and offer you a single machine, a multi-stage production, or a complete production line.
After-sales service: We can offer you related technical support and guide you to install the products, or send our engineer to your factory for the installation. Also we provide one year warranty for all of our products.

Company information

Lantian machinery is dedicated to securing the progression of high quality drying machine for the benefit of all customers.  We mainly supply a whole production chain of closely related machines, including, Shisha charcoal dryer, drying machine and packing machine, with the objective of fully service customer, save time and energy for customer and supply high quality products with competitive price.
Hookah Charcoal Dryer of Lantian machinery

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